A Guide To Setting Self Care Rituals For Vibrant Health In 2017

Today I want to lead you through an exercise to uncover the health practices and self care rituals that will help bring your body, mind and spirit into optimal health this year.

It’s no secret that many people have a hard time sticking to their resolutions (92% go be exact). Gyms in January are usually packed with people but when February roles around it’s back to it’s normal number. So, what is it that makes our new years resolutions and health goals really stick? And how do we set goals that are really going to get us the results we are seeking?

We first need to uncover the true reason behind resolutions, self care rituals and health goals; to support us in living our purpose on this planet.

In other words you want your self care rituals to come from a place of getting you into the optimal ‘state’ to help you live your purpose and be of service in your life.

One trap that we can fall into is setting our goals based on trends, what other people are doing or an expert is reccomending vs what is actually going to help make us feel good. We live in a high information world, everyone seems to have a magic solution for our problems and the information overload can get us confused and disconnected to our intuition. If we don’t feel in alignment in our health goals then it’s harder to sustain them and we may feel less of a desire or excitement do them. Self care, then becomes added to the heavy list of things we feel we ‘should be’ doing. Those things that are in the back of our head that weight us down.

To develop aligned self care rituals that are designed to help support your optimal health and mission in life I’ve designed a short inquiry exercise with four questions you can answer.


Tune in. Take some deep belly breaths. Focus on your heart and belly as you ask these questions.

  1. Uncover your motivations. Ask yourself what you’re doing all of this for? What’s your mission or act of service you are offering to the world right now? See what comes up without judgment. It’s totally okay for your act of service to be the a present mother or grandmother.



       2. What is your designed emotional, mental and physical state? How do you most want to feel?

Example: To support my mission at this time I need to feel clear, focused and connected to my soul. I want to feel connected to magic and unlimited possibilities. I want to feel beautiful and comfortable in my own skin. I want to feel confidence in my ability to stick with a practice day to day and have discipline.



        3. What self care practices and rituals would serve you in feeling this desired state? Brainstorm a list.


Example: Kundalini yoga along with a daily stregth and cardio workout helps me feel all of those things listen above. Also going for walks in nature and travel.



         4. From the list above, what are one or two things you can do daily that would realistically fit in your schedule that you can do on a daily basis?

Example: Instead of comitting to a 90 minute yoga practice daily, l choose a 20 minute meditation that helps me reach my desired state. I will establish a morning routine that helps me get to the gym before my workday starts.




I would love to hear from you! In the comments below,  What new self care rituals did you uncover? Or if you had a resolution before, does it support your mission?

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