When it comes to balancing your hormones, the first step is to effectively manage your stress response.


One simple, yet powerful way to do this is to use hormone balancing herbs to make your daily tea.


This is an easy practice to add to your healthy routine; so many of you already drink tea (or coffee) on a regular basis. Simply switch it up to reap the benefits!

What Are Adaptogens?


Adaptogens are a class of hormone balancing herbs that help your body adapt to stress in all forms. This includes environmental, physical, emotional and spiritual stressors.


Many adaptogenic herbs help modulate the body, meaning the fluctuation of cells in response to changing environmental conditions. If you feel your energy dip, drink this tea to increase your vitality. Alternately, if your brain is buzzing and you can’t sleep, these teas will help calm you.


Adaptogens are also known as ‘tonics’; using them daily over time multiplies the benefits. Similar to exercising, tonics ‘tone’ your body. Metaphorically speaking, you get more results from daily exercise than from a once-a-week regime and the same goes for tonic herbs.


Quick Tip

If you’re a coffee drinker and you’re not ready to completely give it up, consider replacing coffee with an adaptogen tea for a 2-week period.

This will give your adrenals time to rebuild themselves.


hormone balancing herbs
My Favorite Adaptogens


To make a tea from the herbs below, take a small handful of dried herbs and steep in freshly boiled water for 10 minutes.


Damiana is an aphrodisiac and tonic herb used by the ancient Maya and Aztecs. It was referred to as ‘The Goddess of Love’ in ancient Greece. Make your tea with rose buds or petals for a pretty, floral brew.


Gynostemma is an ancient Chinese herb known for it’s longevity-enhancing qualities. When I drink this tea, it heats up my metabolism and helps manage my stress.


Holy Basil or Tulsi is a sacred herb in the Ayervedic system of medicine. Drinking this tea relaxes my mind and body; I particularly love this herb before bed.


I love to use these 3 herbs because they all have an amazing flavor, make me feel relaxed in my body, and are easy to brew.


Stay tuned to learn all about how to make delicious elixirs and tonics using these herbs!


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hormone balancing herbs


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