Adrenal Fatigue Recovery Part 1- Start Here

Part 1: Recover From Adrenal Fatigue Fast

In part 1 of our 4-part series, Madeline will weigh in on what you must know before you can recover your energy, clear the brain fog and lose the stubborn weight.

Primarily, you’ll figure out what’s causing your adrenal fatigue and learn how to determine which phase you’re in.

If you don’t know this, you’re healing process will be slow and you actually might do more harm than good.

Stay with me till the end and I’ll be sharing some free resources and support material with you.

Time Stamps

0:37 What you’ll learn in this video

1:11 Who’s Madeline?

2:25 Madeline’s background with adrenal fatigue

3:27 What adrenal fatigue costs you

6:10 The causes of adrenal fatigue- what’s yours?

8:07 Why you need to pinpoint the cause of your stress

8:20 What’s going on with your hormones when you have adrenal fatigue

10:00 Do you even have adrenal fatigue?

10:30 Cortisol and adrenal fatigue

10:54 What healthy cortisol looks like throughout the day

11:58 The normal 3:00 pm energy dip

13:07 Stage 1- Stressed cortisol pattern

14:28 Why you now have stubborn belly fat

15:42 Other symptoms of Stage 1- Stressed

16:10 Why you need to know your stage before you take herbs/supplements

16:37 Stage 2- Wired but Tired cortisol pattern

17:29 The annoying second wind in the evening

18:06 Other symptoms of Stage 2- Wired but Tired

18:17 Stage 2 could be the cause of your other hormone imbalance

19:27 A bit about Stage 3 and encouragement to seek support

20:25 Stage 3- Crashed cortisol pattern

20:37– symptoms of Stage 3

20:48– the next right step for you


Show Notes

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