Why can everyone else handle life's stress, but I struggle with adrenal fatigue?

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Adrenal Fatigue... do you have it?

You wake up feeling exhausted even though you went to bed early. You need to be 'on’ all day, but brain fog and persistent fatigue make it difficult for you to make good, timely decisions.

You hate feeling constantly tired; like you’re always running around with no spare time. 

You feel like you’re missing out because you’re always napping. Your friends and family are too used to you canceling on them instead of coming out to enjoy yourself. 

You want to exercise to lose weight, but your energy depletes quickly and you’re just not up for it. 

You’ve worked hard and you want to enjoy your success, but you’re just not able to under the current circumstances. 

Every little chore takes a huge effort.

Poor communication and moodiness leads to arguments with your husband. Your low libido makes you feel guilty.

It's unbelievably frustrating when you go to your doctor for help. Your blood tests indicate everything is normal and they say there’s nothing they can do for you.

You feel like it’s getting worse and you’re not sure what to do.


At The Core, What You Want Is...


Energy All Day Long

You're energized from the time you wake up until you wind down in the evening. Consistent energy allows you to relax; you've got time for all the things you need and want to do. 


Feel Sexy & Confident

You know you can achieve your goals when you put your mind to them. You feel great in your favorite clothes and love the feeling of being the master of your strong, healthy body.


Feel Clear-Headed & Focused

You feel 'like yourself' again; able to face your day feeling strong, steady and sharp. It's easy to prioritize and you're able to let the small things go. You know exactly what to do, so there's no more anxiety and rushing around. You're able to get into the zone and bang tasks off your list with steady concentration.


Easy Weight Loss

You're motivated to work out and you really enjoy the strength of your body. There's no stress about meals; you have a plan and understand how food affects you holistically. You see the tone coming back into your muscles and it makes you smile. You're not fixated and dismayed by the scale anymore. 

The layers of stress make it difficult to heal your adrenal fatigue.

You're wondering how you’re going to get a plan together to do this.  

You've tried to figure it out on your own, but you don't have energy to sort through all the info on the internet. 

Implementing changes is difficult, and you have a hard time staying on track due to brain fog and overwhelm. You know you need something that's simple and straightforward, but you’re losing hope that it could be effective in the first place. 

If only you could clear your head and get your energy back, you could get the rest under control.

About Madeline

I’m a nutritionist and the founder of Natural Hormone Healing. I’ve been in your shoes and I've struggled with adrenal fatigue in the past. After finding a solution to get my energy back, I now help my clients do the same.

I know you may have been trying to heal yourself for a long time and you’re frustrated. When you have brain fog and your energy’s low, the gap between knowing what to do and taking action widens. That’s why my adrenal healing program is based on do-able steps customized to where you’re at now.  We keep you accountable and support you to make lasting changes.

If you’re seeing a naturopath and taking supplements, my program is designed to fill the gaps and help you get your results.

Module Breakdown

This program consists of six 90-minute class modules delivered live online. Each class builds on each other and presents the information in a digestible way. We understand that adrenal fatigue symptoms can cause brain fog and overwhelm so the course is designed to be simple yet effective.

Attend live on the dates listed below to harness the energy of the group.  In addition, you can listen to the recordings any time and take the program at your own pace. Once you purchase the program you will have lifetime access to the information.


Nutrition For Adrenal Fatigue Learn everything you need to know about what to eat to get your energy back. Understand the key nutrients your body needs to heal and how to get them in daily. Learn how to utilize time-saving resources for extra convenience. Uncover your unique high and low energy foods. We provide 4 done-for-you meal plans (complete with grocery lists to streamline your shopping!). The recipes are easy to prepare; customized for adrenal fatigue symptoms and healing . 

Date: Wednesday, January 17th 7- 8 30 pm MST

Resources: Four Week-long Meal Plans; Gluten, Dairy and Sugar-Free (1 paleo, 2 regular, 1 vegan),  Adrenal Healing Recipe Book, Energizing Snacks Recipe Collection


Get A Rejuvenating Sleep Understand how to easily set up an optimal sleep environment to facilitate deep rest. You'll set an effective bedtime and create a 'wind down' ritual that will help you wake up feeling rested. Madeline will teach you how to work with essential oils and make healing teas to support your adrenal health. At the end of the live class, Tanis Fishman, our special guest, will lead you through a 30-minute yoga nidra meditation. This meditation resets your parasympathetic nervous system and gets you into 'healing mode'. 

Date: Wednesday, January 26th 7- 8 30 pm MST

Resources: Essential Oils For Adrenal Fatigue Guide, 30-minute Yoga Nidra MP3


Healing Protocols & Elixir Crafting Experience the benefits of incorporating herbs and elixirs into your adrenal healing protocol. Learn how to customize herbal supplements for your level of adrenal fatigue. Madeline will demo elixir crafting and show you how to pre-make your elixir so it's quick and easy to do on the daily. By the end of this class, you'll easily feel confident enough to make your own elixirs and teas at home, knowing they will help (not hinder) your results. 

Date: Wednesday, Jan 31st, 2017 7-8 30 pm MST

Resources: Elixir Crafting For Adrenal Fatigue E-book, Resource Guide: Where To Buy Top Quality Herbs & Superfoods Online, Supplementation and Herb Protocols For Each Stage Of Adrenal Fatigue 


Your Energizing Morning Ritual Do you dread leaving your bed? Plan out a morning ritual that you savor and enjoy! Get inspiration from a menu of doable options that you WANT to commit to; these morning routines will give you instant energy for the day. You'll learn how to utilize sunlight and time outdoors to reset your circadian rhythm and balance your cortisol levels.

Date: Wednesday, February 7,th 7-8 30 pm MST

Resources: Morning Ritual Menu, Circadian Rhythm Reset Resource Guide


Developing Resilience This module is focused on helping you become more resilient to inevitable day-to-day stress. This is the key to preventing future burn-out. Learn techniques and skills to decrease the impact that stress has on your body so you can go out into the real world and enjoy life again. Madeline will teach you the difference between 'good stress' and 'bad stress' and how it applies to adrenal fatigue. Krista from Chalice Grove, our special guest, will lead you through a kundalini breath and meditation practice to reset your stress response. 

Date: Wednesday, February 21st 7-8 30 pm MST

Resources: 3 x 3-minute follow-along kundalni yoga and meditation videos with Krista. Breathing Exercise Guide.


Exercise For Adrenal Fatigue Once your energy levels have increased, you may begin to incorporate exercise into your day-to-day routine. Learn how to find the best option for your stage of adrenal fatigue. If exhaustion has prevented you from exercising so far, you now have a doable plan to ease your way back into it. Charly Kelly, personal trainer and founder of ELX Fit, will answer all your burning questions on exercise and adrenal fatigue. We'll provide you with 3 workout videos customized to adrenal fatigue that you can do at home. 

Date: Wednesday, February 28th 7-8 30 pm MST

Resources: Exercise For Each Phase Guide,  2 x 30-minute workout videos customized to adrenal fatigue and 1 x yoga video customized to adrenal fatigue.

Bonus Material


One-On-One Halfway Point Session With Madeline The first 20 people to register will get a one-on-one, 30-minute accountability session and check in with Madeline to tweak your protocol and support you in the ways that you need.

Essential Oils For Hormone Balance Online Class Get access to this 60-minute training on how to use essential oils to balance your stress response, support progesterone, estrogen and balance moods. 

Product Discounts Receive discounts to support you during the program. This will make the herbs, supplements, and self-care products more accessible and affordable. 

Program Support

Questions? You will have the opportunity to ask any questions or seek clarification on subject matter during the live class presentations each week or you can ask them afterwards in our private Facebook group exclusively for course participants. 

Upgrade To One-On-One Coaching For those who feel they need more guidance, customization and accountability, we have 10 spots available for one-on-one coaching. Coaching allows Madeline to help you at a deeper level. Consistently meeting one-on-one allows her to hone in on what works for you. She is able to create a step-by-step system to reach your goals. There is a sense of ease knowing exactly what to do. It's valuable time to check in and tweak your protocol to make sure your hormones are addressed as they improve. 

Email us at support@naturalhormonehealing.com if you are interested in the ultimate support one-on-one private coaching provides. 

What's Possible For You

I started working with Madeline when I was struggling with hot flashes, night sweats and weight gain. I was at a loss of what to do to feel better. Within 2 months, I was sleeping better, the hot flashes and night sweats were at a minimum, and I lost 10 pounds! I now know what foods are the best for me, how to maintain my weight and have more energy.

Cindy Patterson  //  Human Resources

Since working with Madeline, I am able to sleep really well, I listen to my body, I've reduced my level of stress, and feel less anxiety. I have a much better sense of how to really look after myself in a holistic way. I learned to trust my intuition as a result of her recommendations and protocols.

Robin McLeavy  //  Actress

I was tired all the time with adrenal exhaustion and not enough energy to get through the day. I craved sugar after every meal. Madeline intuitively customized a unique and individual plan for me to achieve and accomplish greater health, vitality and well being, physically, mentally and spiritually.

Lana B //  Massage Therapist

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the time commitment? 

I have strict dietary limitations. Will your recipes work for me?

Can I claim this course through my company health insurance? 

I go off track when I'm tired; work takes all of my energy. Will I still be able to participate in your program when I'm feeling like this?

How long do I have to complete the course?

How much do I need to spend on supplements and herbs?

What kind of support do you provide?

I've tried programs in the past and I didn't feel any better. How do I know if this approach will work for me?

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Be the first to know when registration opens for the next round of our Adrenal Healing Coaching program.

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