Ready to Heal  Adrenal  Fatigue?

6 Weeks of LIVE online coaching to revive your energy and feel like yourself again

(I Need That)

If you need a solution that takes into account your symptoms of adrenal fatigue (low energy, brain fog, overwhelm, and lack of motivation), this is it.

What's Inside

1. Six 90-minute Live Online Classes

A systematic, hand-held approach to learn how to live in a way that heals (and prevents) adrenal fatigue.

  • Information is presented in a digestible way for those with adrenal fatigue. This isn’t DIY, we walk you through it.
  • Each class prepares you to implement a highly effective action step to move towards your health. If you feel overwhelmed with everything you think you need to do, this is the answer.
  • Stay consistent and accountable! Ask your questions and receive personal coaching from Madeline MacKinnon.
  • Re-watch the classes at any time, or implement the changes at your own pace.

2. Nutrition Specifically for Adrenal Fatigue

You need to be eating foods to help (not hinder) your healing process.

  • Understand the key nutrients your body needs to heal and how to get them daily
  • Uncover your unique high and low-energy foods. This may be the key to your low energy after meals.
  • Custom recipes that are easy to prepare and heal your adrenal fatigue (we’ve got vegan and paleo options too)
  • Seven easy, done-for-you meal plans complete with shopping lists to give you lots of options for your tastes and those of your partner and your family

3. Essential Resources for Your Healing Journey

Everything you need to help you understand and easily implement the lifestyle changes you need to heal.

  • 3 yoga nidra recordings by renowned instructor, Tanis Fishman. If you just can’t sleep, this is your magic bullet.
  • The need-to-know info on Essential Oils for Adrenal Fatigue. Understand why they work and how they can help you wind down or bring back your focus in minutes.
  • The Perfect Sleep Checklist. Ready for the best sleeps of your life? We reveal the essentials and how to make it happen!
  • We provide custom herbal protocols for each of the 3 stages of adrenal fatigue, plus our popular Elixir Crafting for Adrenal Fatigue Ebook. If you want to harness the power of teas, herbs and superfoods to expedite your healing, you’ll be equipped with everything you need to do so.
  • Morning Ritual Menu and Circadian Rhythm Reset Resource Guide

4. Plus Bonus Material

We equip you for your life once you’re on your way to feeling like yourself again and you’re ready for something more.

  • Our guide to exercising while fatigued will help you get back to your workouts in a way that gives you energy and doesn’t leave you feeling drained.
  • Take your understanding of essential oils to the next level and learn how to use them for general hormone balance.
  • We have secured discounts on various products from blue light blocking glasses to superfoods. If you’re interested in purchasing products to help you on your way, we make it easier!

We've Got Everything You Need to Recover and Thrive

Frequently Asked Questions

I go off track when I'm tired and works take all my energy, will the program still work for ?

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I’ve tried programs in the past and I didn't’ feel any better. How do I know if this approach will work for me?

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