If you go to a medical doctor for a hormone imbalance, you’ll likely be prescribed the pill, synthetic or bio identical hormones, or maybe even the latest antidepressant.

A naturopath would likely give you a list of supplements.

My approach is different.

My coaching is a holistic approach designed to uncover the root of your hormone imbalance and create lasting change so you can enjoy optimal hormone balance and life-long vitality.

As a professional coach my full commitment, devotion and service is to you.

I’m not here to prescribe and diagnose.

And I’m not here to sugar coat things either because when hormones are out of balance it affects every aspect of your life (your relationships, career and finances).. It stops you from reaching your potential, feeling your pleasure as a woman, and increases the chances of developing severe health conditions in the future.

My mission is to help you create a juicy, energetic, and vibrant life where you aren’t just surviving…You are thriving.

My vision for you is to feel – inside and out – balanced, vibrant, and fulfilled. I want you to feel blessed by healthy, balanced hormones, full of life and vitality. All it takes is your willingness to do what it takes, and everything else happens on its own

My clients like working with me because I offer them customized programs tailored to their own unique needs.

If this approach sounds like you style of healing, let’s talk and if working together would be a good fit.

Madeline MacKinnon is the founder of Natural Hormone Healing and is a highly-sought after, leading expert in the emerging field of herbal culinary arts, elixir making and tonic herbalism.

She dedicates her time, energy and education to help women from around the world to balance their hormones naturally without drugs. Her unique and effective system synthesizes the most cutting-edge discoveries in the field of nutritional technologies, super foods, traditional food nutrition and herbalism and combines them with the latest hormone testing, spa healing, and transformational coaching.

It has been her great privilege to help women from all walks of life through preconception, postnatal, peri menopause, menopause, PMS symptoms, PCOS, Adrenal Fatigue,Thyroid issues and many other hormonally related health issues.

Besides working with her own private clients, Madeline is also an instructor at The Light Cellar’s teaching kitchen in Calgary AB. She teaches classes on traditional food nutrition, elixir making, food as medicine culinary arts and natural hormone healing.

The Short Story:

I am a…

Transformational Coach
Certified Nutritionist
Elixir Crafter
Foodie At Heart
Modern Day Medicine Woman
…here to offer you natural hormone healing.