Many women know what to do,

but they don’t always do it.


With loads of information right at our fingertips it’s easy to formulate a plan and schedule it in. However, it’s typical that information doesn’t change our habitual way of behaving. Take smoking for example; there’s lots of information about the dangers of cigarettes, however their addictive properties make it a difficult habit to break.


It’s so easy to let life get in the way of our ‘wise plans’, AKA the commitments we make to ourselves. Wise plans are formed in the epic strategy sessions we have where we plan to reach our goals. The issue isn’t misinformation or lack of preparation.


The real problem is lack of accountability.


Being accountable to ourselves is a very difficult task, since we can change the ‘rules’ we make on the fly. We use circumstances to justify not following through with our plans.


Asking a friend to hold you accountable is another good idea in theory, but it can backfire. Unless your friend has an iron will, they will likely let you get away with not following through. This is because they value your friendship more than they value you reaching your goals.


So, what is an effective way to remain accountable to yourself and reach your goals?


The answer is with a mentor or coach. With health coaching, you accelerate your success, go beyond your limiting beliefs and achieve more than you could by yourself. At some point, you’ll need this level of assistance to embody your goals in a reasonable amount of time and move on to bigger achievements.


Other benefits of a health coach and coaching program include:

  • keeps you accountable to the process of reaching your goals. You’ll learn how to incorporate everything you have going on in your life in a healthier, sustainable way.
  • the coach hones in on what works for you, the client, finds a method of creating accountability, and creates a step-by-step system to reach your goals. There is a sense of ease knowing exactly what to do.
  • valuable time to check in and tweak your protocol to make sure your hormones are addressed properly as they improve
  • emotional support from a knowledgeable professional vs relying so heavily on your personal support network


At Natural Hormone Healing, our approach is different than the typical life or health coach.


Here are the core elements of our approach


Functional Nutrition

We provide you with delicious meals that are customized to heal your hormones. To heal, you require the correct nutrition to regulate your blood sugar. Nutrition will help to control your cravings and put your adrenal glands into optimal healing mode.


Lifestyle & Stress Management

This is something that many programs overlook, but it’s essential for getting results. You’ll learn new ways to manage stress and put yourself in an optimal environment that’s leading your body to balance. It’s different for everyone, but we will help you find and stay accountable to the stress management tools that work best for you.


Herbal Recommendations

Whatever condition you’re in, you need to be treated with different and specific supplements and herbs. Typically, the supplements prescribed compete against each other and can cause more harm than good. A researched-backed, customized protocol will ensure you are getting treatment for where you are now.


We meet you where you’re at. Our commitment to you is to help you get results, and we will help you do this in whatever way you need to do. We don’t prescribe a one-size-fits-all program, it’s tailored to you.


Coaching with us will help you to feel, inside and out, balanced, vibrant and fulfilled. Book a strategy session with us to see if coaching with us is right for you. Email for more info.


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