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October 2018

Adrenal Fatigue Recovery

Thursday, October 4th, 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm, $35 @ The Light Cellar

Adrenal fatigue… do you have it?

Are you feeling exhausted, wired but tired, anxious, or have sugar cravings and brain fog? Do you have unwanted belly fat or 10 extra pounds you just can’t shake no matter what you do?

Something’s up with your adrenals and there are natural ways to get back to feeling like yourself.

Join Madeline MacKinnon, certified nutrition consultant and the founder of Natural Hormone Healing, and get on the fast track to adrenal fatigue recovery. Uncover which of 3 stages of adrenal fatigue you are in and how to heal yourself with nutrition, self care rituals, elixirs and customized herbal protocols.


By the end of class you’ll have learned:

  • The cause of your adrenal fatigue
  • How to determine what stage of adrenal fatigue you’re in and the warning signs of potential adrenal fatigue
  • How different herbs complement each stage of adrenal fatigue and which ones compete (yet still recommended by many health professionals) with each other to delay your healing process
  • Lifestyle shifts you can make to reset your circadian rhythm and reduce cortisol
  • Key nutrients to focus on for sustained healing

You’ll be provided with a hard copy of Madeline’s adrenal assessment, a nutrition guide for adrenal fatigue, and recipes to compliment the class.



“Your Adrenal Fatigue workshop had a huge impact on me. I’ve recently hit stage 3 of a complete burn out and had to take a couple of weeks off from work. I’m really happy to have some tangible things that I can start implementing right away.” – Lina

“I enjoyed the class you taught on the topic of adrenal fatigue. I finally felt like someone got me, and there is a reason why I’m feeling the way I’m feeling. I’ve been trying for years to lose weight without any luck. Since following your recommendations, I’ve lost about 6 pounds and have less bloating from the nutrition alone.”- Laurette Woodward


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Elixirs For Women’s Hormone Balance

Saturday, October 27th, 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm, $47 @ The Light Cellar

If you’re ready to uplevel your health with healing beverages, we have something just for you!


Join Madeline MacKinnon, certified nutritionist and the founder of Natural Hormone Healing, to learn how to use the best medicinal herbs for females in delicious elixirs, tonics and desserts.


Make daily drinks to fortify yourself and support your health in whatever way you need most, whether it be optimal fertility, menopause and PMS symptoms, adrenal fatigue, low libido or thyroid issues.


Recipes sampled and demoed in the class include:

~Herbal Matcha Latte
~Adrenal Tonic
~Medicinal Mushroom Latte
~Seabuckthorn ‘liquid sunshine’ Tonic
~Schizandra Rose Beauty Elixir (Madeline’s signature recipe!)
~Superfood Aphrodisiac Fudge


All recipes are vegetarian, dairy free, gluten free and refined sugar-free. You’ll walk away with all the recipes to try out the elixirs at home.




“My only real vice was coffee. I wasn’t sleeping well and I was quite bloated. I tried quitting coffee but I couldn’t stick to it… until I was introduced to Madeline’s elixirs! I LOVE her elixirs!!! They have fully replaced my coffee. Now I sleep through the night plus my abdominal bloating has ceased.” -Janis Isaman, personal trainer


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November 2018

Getting The Glow: Superfood Recipes, Beauty Elixirs & Skincare Rituals

Saturday, November 3rd, 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm, $35 @ The Light Cellar

Confused about what to do to solve your skin issues? Maybe you’re dealing with acne and wrinkles at the same time (how frustrating is that?!).


You believe your body is built from what you eat, and you’re wondering why is it that you eat well and still struggle with cystic acne, dry patches, inflammation and blackheads.


Join Madeline MacKinnon, certified Nutritionist and Founder of Natural Hormone Healing, and learn how to get the glow from the inside out at any age. Madeline will discuss essential nutritional building blocks to prevent wrinkles, clear up acne, and increase much-needed moisture in your skin for the winter.


You will learn how to:

*Identify hormonal symptoms showing up in your skin and what you can do about it

*Build collagen for wrinkle reduction, shiny hair and strong nails

*Understand the benefits of traditional Chinese tonic beauty herbs

*Make a beauty tonic or smoothie to clear up acne and blemishes

*Create natural skin care using essential oils and simple ingredients found in your kitchen


Madeline will demo and sample her Schizandra Rose Beauty Elixir, Daily Collagen-Building Beauty Smoothie, Morning Turmeric Lemonade, Liver Support Beauty Tonic and Superfood Bliss Balls.


You will go home with a recipe book to recreate the recipes at home and experience the benefits.




“Just wanted to say thank you for sharing all your valuable knowledge with us today in the Getting the Glow workshop. It was awesome and I look forward to incorporating all your recipes into my health care regime for better skin health!” -Alex


“Everything you taught on the weekend was so interesting and resonated with me, I want to be at my optimal health and I feel that I’m missing something when it comes to my skin. I went home on Saturday with my new facial cleansing oil and threw out all of my household cleaners. My skin already feels calmer!” -Lauren Stone


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How To Eat For Your Cycle: Customize Your Nutrition to Balance Hormones, Optimize Fertility and for Menstrual Health

Saturday, November 17th, 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm, $35 @ The Light Cellar

Are you looking for a natural approach to healing that’s designed specifically for the female body?

Are you bogged down by cramping pain or have you been diagnosed with a more serious condition? If you suspect hormones are the cause, this class is a perfect fit for you.

In fact, nutrition has a significant impact on your menstrual cycle. Madeline MacKinnon, nutrition consultant, will teach you how to customize your meals for the 4 phases of the menstrual cycle to help you with a variety of health issues such as:

*Reduce or eliminate PMS and painful cramping
*Heal and prevent ovarian cysts and fibroids
*Support your body to tackle endometriosis and PCOS
*Detox from the pill or other hormonal contraceptives
*Optimize fertility
*Clear up hormonal acne
*Prevent cravings
*Regulate moods and boost energy

This class will explore the benefits of a deeper connection to your female body as a form of disease prevention and sexual empowerment.

Madeline will sample some delicious dishes to demonstrate the concepts of E4YC. You’ll get a taste of what hormone balancing food is like and go home with the recipes to try out yourself.

Spread the word by inviting the important women in your life to get a fundamental education on how to care for the female body!


“I use E4YC principles everyday! I’ve never felt more balanced and in tune with my cycle. E4YC has brought me so many benefits, and I refer back to it often! I feel less overwhelmed by PMS when I eat the right foods to detox estrogen. My skin stays clear and my cramps aren’t as bad as they were! Sometimes I don’t know my period is coming now : ) It’s exciting to understand how my hormones change and how my food affects them. I love supporting my good mood in my follicular phase with food now. I feel emotionally balanced all cycle!” – Chelsea Benjamin

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About Madeline


Madeline MacKinnon is the founder of Natural Hormone Healing and is a highly-sought after, leading expert in the emerging field of herbal culinary arts, elixir making and tonic herbalism.

Besides working with her own private clients, Madeline is also an instructor at The Light Cellar’s teaching kitchen in Calgary AB. She teaches hormone balance courses on traditional food nutrition, elixir making, and food as medicine culinary arts.