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What To Eat During Ovulation Week

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You’re trying to conceive and ovulation week is approaching… fast!


Right now, it makes sense to stack the odds in your favor for a successful pregnancy. One crucial area to address is what foods you include in your 3 daily meals.


Your meals influence your fertility because your body relies on the nutrients from food to create the ideal internal conditions for a healthy pregnancy.


So what are the best foods to eat during ovulation week to increase chances of conception (and support general hormone balance)?


Here’s our ultimate guide to the nutrients and foods your body needs to be in peak form for ovulation.


Key Fertility Nutrients


B Vitamins assist with the egg release during ovulation and implantation. They also help your body metabolize and eliminate the high amounts of estrogen you produce. This makes room for the perfect progesterone balance that you need to maintain a pregnancy. B Vitamins also have the added bonus of boosting your mood!


Get It From Food- The best ovulation foods that are high in B Vitamins are egg yolks, dark leafy greens, legumes, whole grains, and seeds such as sunflower, hemp and sesame. Make sure to soak or sprout them before cooking so they’re easier to digest.


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Boost Your Fertility & Eat To Become Fertile

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Need To Boost Your Fertility?


If you’re trying to conceive, you know that fertility nutrition, meaning a nutrient-dense diet, is essential. However, did you know that you can supercharge your fertility if you customize your nutrition for the phases of your menstrual cycle? We call this method Eating For Your Cycle.


You can use this method to:


  1. Balance your hormones to prepare for conception
  2. Increase your chances of conception during ovulation
  3. Prevent miscarriage once you’ve conceived
  4. Increase the success of IVF treatments
  5. Heal PCOS, fibroids or endometriosis in order to conceive


The success of Eating For Your Cycle is based on these 3 facts:


Hormones Influence Fertility. You are perfectly fertile when your hormones are balanced. The natural surge of estrogen at ovulation creates healthy cervical fluid to help the sperm survive. Optimal progesterone levels help to maintain your pregnancy. And balanced hormones encourage regular ovulation with your healthiest eggs.


Nutrition Influences Hormones. Many hormones are built from and supported by different foods. This is the basis of fertility nutrition. You need to provide your body with the right amount of good quality food so it can keep you healthy and fertile!


The Menstrual Cycle Influences Hormones. Because hormone levels rise and fall naturally throughout the 4 phases of your cycle, we can assist the body by being aware of our cycle and support the dominant hormones in each of the phases.


This is a ‘crash course’ on how to use Eating For Your Cycle to improve fertility right away.


How To Eat To Become Fertile


Each phase of the menstrual cycle has its own unique requirements to build, balance, and detox hormones. You can include specific foods in each phase to improve fertility and boost your chances of conception.


The Menstrual Phase (your period)

An optimal period equals optimal health and fertility! The best foods to eat are ones that expel old blood, prevent ‘uterine stagnation’ and prepare your womb for your baby.


Blood-building soups, hearty, warming stews and home-made herbal teas are the best foods to eat. They prevent painful cramping, heavy flow and clotting. Try my nutrient-dense Miso Mushroom ‘Moon Stew’, which you can make ahead to limit cooking during your period.


The Follicular Phase (pre-ovulation)

After your period is finished the focus is on replenishing our blood. We do this with eye-catching, antioxidant-rich smoothie bowls, and fresh, vibrant salads!


I recommend that you eat more healthy fats like avocado and wild salmon. These foods reduce inflammation, which is important for healing endometriosis and PCOS. Make my Fennel Salad with Apple and Curried Chicken, the fat comes from a good-quality extra virgin olive oil.


fennel salad

The Ovulatory Phase

Did you know that superfoods can increase your chances of conception? For example, you can pine pollen to increase your sex drive or schizandra to increase vaginal lubrication, which is essential for the sperm’s survival. The best, easiest way to include superfoods in your diet is with a smoothie.


Would you like a recipe designed specifically to nourish your body with whole foods during the ovulatory phase?

Download our Ovulation Smoothie Protocol!

Get It Here!


The Luteal Phase (Premenstrual)

To improve chances of conception, use food to keep progesterone levels high. This will tide you over until the new placenta begins to produce its own hormones.


Eggs and yams are fantastic for building progesterone, so why not make my Baked Sweet Potato with Breakfast Scramble? It’s a great hormone-balancing option for a weekend breakfast, lunch or dinner!


natural progesterone



It’s well-known that you can boost your fertility with proper nutrition. However, you can increase the effects of the good food you eat by eating for the 4 phases of your cycle. In fact, we have seen many women use this technique to efficiently balance their hormones, increase their fertility and conceive healthy babies! Please reach out to us here if you need more support.


If you want to try out the basics of this method (and learn more from us about nutrition for fertility), download our Conception Protocol here.


Get It Here!


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Can Fertility Yoga Help You Conceive Naturally?

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If you’re on a fertility journey, it can be overwhelming to decide where to sink your time (and your money) to improve your chances of conception. When you decide to go beyond your doctor’s advice and take your health into your own hands, this number of options seems to balloon even bigger.


We’re hoping this post will help you make an informed decision about one option: fertility yoga. 


If you’ve ever wondered if yoga has an impact on your chances of conception, this interview delivers the goods so you can determine if it’s for you.


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How the Pill Really Works: Hormonal Birth Control, Your Cycle & Your Body

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An Interview with Holly Grigg-Spall

Madeline interviews Holly Grigg-Spall, the author of the bestselling book Sweetening the Pill: Or How We Got Hooked On Hormonal Birth Control.

In this interview, you’ll get the up-to-the-minute truth on the ranging effects of hormonal birth control and how properly educating yourself about your female body (and your menstrual cycle) is the best thing you can do before you decide how to address any of your health symptoms. Read More

The Symptoms & Causes Of Low Progesterone

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Low Levels of Progesterone


If you struggle with low levels of progesterone, you may experience some of the following symptoms:


  • Skin issues
  • Mood swings
  • PMS
  • Heavy periods
  • Irregular periods
  • Fibroids
  • Brain Fog
  • Miscarriages

And more…


Your body naturally wants to keep your hormones balanced, so how could progesterone levels deplete in the first place?


It’s important to find the cause of your low levels of progesterone. Once you address the root cause, it’s much more simple to find a course of treatment that’s right for you.


Read on to learn about the hormone and how your levels can become depleted. Read More

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What I Eat During My Period

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What Should You Eat On Your Period?


Our modern world ensures that every woman out there is aware of the thousands of different diets you could utilize to reach your health goals. However, not many diets take a woman’s menstrual cycle into account. In fact, as we go through our menstrual cycle our nutrient requirements and calorie needs shift quite a bit. In this way, you can use nutrition to care for your body and optimize your hormones to increase fertility, reduce PMS, lose stubborn weight and more! This is the definition of my Eating For Your Cycle method.


Have you ever noticed that you crave chocolate on your period? There’s a reason why: your body is letting you know it requires more magnesium. In addition, it’s normal to crave more sugar before your period starts. In fact, our hormones naturally make us more insulin resistant. This means it’s easier to throw off your blood sugar, which makes you ‘hangry’ and crave all the sweets!


When you Eat For Your Cycle, you modify your nutrition for the 4 phases of the menstrual cycle to have a positive impact on your health and hormone balance.

It’s easy to prevent or remedy the instances mentioned above with knowledge of proper nutrition for the female body.

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Get Rid Of Your PMS Symptoms Naturally

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In the past, I experienced really bad PMS symptoms.

It all started when I was in my teens; I used to get a headache right before my period started. After a while, I began to experience an intense negative shift in my mood. I got irritable; I almost felt like a different person for the last half of my cycle.

Finally, my breasts became really sore right after ovulation. It seemed that this was the norm for a lot of my friends as well.

When I started to learn more about hormone health I realized that PMS symptoms are common but they aren’t normal. Most symptoms are signs of hormone imbalance. This knowledge inspired me to take action to eliminate my PMS.

Download The PMS Reduction Protocol

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Get the protocol that has helped so many of my clients reduce and eliminate their breast tenderness, anxiety, moodiness and more.

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Eating For Your Cycle

Eating For Your Cycle In A Nutshell

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The signature method I use to address women’s hormone imbalance is a combination of functional nutrition, lifestyle and stress management, and herbal recommendations.


Eating For Your Cycle is a term I coined to describe the synthesis of these three core elements when applied to treat women during their menstrual years.


So what exactly is Eating For Your Cycle?


Eating For Your Cycle (or E4YC) is a functional nutrition approach to hormonal healing. It’s not a generic (or one size fits all) nutrition plan.

The method is based on the 4 phases of your cycle: Menstrual, Follicular, Ovulatory and Luteal. During these phases our brain chemistry, libido, energy, moods and hormone levels all fluctuate. We require different nutrients in each phase to keep our hormones in balance and fertility optimized.


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Are Your Mood Swings Getting The Better Of Your Relationship?

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Are your hormones sabotaging your relationship?


So many women and men are needlessly suffering in their relationships because of fluctuating hormones causing mood swings.

Sometimes your patience wears thin for no reason. You blow up over something that typically wouldn’t ruffle you at all. Now you’re fighting with your partner and you are feeling super irritable, which makes you want to push all of his buttons like a kid in an elevator… just because you can.

After the smoke clears, you think back with regret and confusion; what’s with the strong reaction? Why did I want to lash out? You feel bad… what you said during your argument just isn’t reflective of the true you.

You realize that when you’re PMSing internal negative self talk about yourself or your partner increases. Is this normal? Does it have to be like this each and every month?

It’s not me, it’s my hormones.


Of course it’s important to take accountability for our own actions. However, we can understand the hormonal origins of our moods and learn ways to return to balance. This reduces feelings of guilt and empowers us to take action to fix it. Read More

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How To Rock Your Menstrual Super Powers

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Your menstrual cycle gives you super powers!


When you learn to work with the phases of your cycle, you’ll get more done, deepen your relationship with your body and balance your hormones.

Let me explain…


Everything in the universe goes through cycles.

The earth gets close to the sun then farther away, creating the four seasons. A fruit tree flowers, then fruits, bears its seed, and flowers again.  The moon waxes, becomes full, then wanes into darkness.

As women, this cyclical ebb and flow happens each month in the form of the menstrual cycle. It’s our personal fertility cycle where we have the power to create new life each month. The menstrual cycle is fueled by the creative energy of life, the same energy that dictates all of the other cycles in the universe. Read More