Raw Carrot Cake Protein Bites

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Do you struggle with afternoon sugar cravings? These raw carrot cakes bites make a perfect afternoon snack that will keep your blood sugar levels stable but still satisfy those cravings. Serve them up with a Golden Milk Latte and you have a perfect healthy and hormone balancing upgrade to coffee and cookies.

Here is why this treat is so good for balancing your hormones:

Raw Carrots  have been shown in research to help remove excess estrogen from the body. This may help reduce menopause symptoms, PMS, and heavy periods. The fat source contained in walnuts is in the form of healthy omega-3 fatty acids, linoleic acid and alpha-linolenic acid .

Walnuts provide your body with nourishment for your brain and contains healthy fats that support optimal hormone balance in the body. The fat source contained in walnuts is in the form of healthy omega-3 fatty acids, linoleic acid and alpha-linolenic acid .

Make a big batch on a sunday and store them in the fridge or freezer to snack on during the week.















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Try This Detox Bath To Relieve Cramping and PMS Symptoms Naturally

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Ever wonder why you crave chocolate before your period?

Chocolate is high in magnesium and your body’s’ magnesium need increases before your period. Magnesium is an important mineral for women’s hormone balance and optimal health in general. Magnesium activates over 300 enzyme reactions in the body, translating to thousands of biochemical reactions happening on a constant basis daily.

If you have bad cramping during your period, taking a magnesium bath can help soothe and relax the muscles in and around your uterus. Magnesium is highly absorbable through the skin and when you soak in a bath the magnesium will target the muscles to help relax your body and reset your stress hormones.










Here is Madeline’s favorite bath recipe that has salt and magnesium to detoxify and alkalize the body. Making up a few prepared jars of magnesium flakes and salt can make it more convenient to draw yourself a relaxing magnesium and salt bath.

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Try This Paleo Coconut Sunflower Porridge To Prevent PMS and Menopause Symtoms

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This sunflower porridge is a delicious grain-free breakfast dish that is high in hormone balancing nutrients, making it helpful for PMS symptoms and balancing hormones through menopause.

Sunflower seed butter is a satisfying, cost effective spread made from crushed sunflower seeds. I love it for women’s hormone balance because it is really high in Vitamin E and Vitamin B6. Vitamin E is an antioxidant that helps metabolize the estrogen your body produces and ensures estrogen is in it’s usable form. Estrogen metabolization is important for preventing hot flashes and menopause symptoms. Vitamin B6 helps support optimal progesterone levels and has been shown in studies to help decrease PMS symptoms such as bloating and breast tenderness. Read More

Miso Mushroom ‘Moon Stew’ For The Menstrual Phase

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This ‘Mushroom Miso Moon Stew’ for the Menstrual Phase is full of nutrient-dense and blood-building ingredients. I recommend that you eat mostly soups and stews when you are on your period because they are easy to digest, time saving (if you make them in advance) and a great delivery system for key nutrients. I love to call the stews you make on your period ‘Moon Stews’ and over the years I’ve formulated many recipes that I provide my clients and those who take my Eating For Your Cycle online course.

This one-bowl-meal is so great for the Menstrual Phase because of:

Miso is a fermented soy and rice paste.  During the Menstrual Phase your body has an increased tolerance for estrogens, such as the ones found in soy products, because your estrogen levels are so low. I don’t recommend soy during your Luteal Phase (the 10-14 days between ovulation and your period) because it can imbalance your estrogen and progesterone hormones and cause PMS.

Clams are high zinc, B12 and iron; all of which support blood-building and reproductive health.

Black Rice and Black Sesame Seeds support your kidneys and adrenal glands.

Nori seaweed has beneficial levels of calcium, iron and trace minerals.

Bone Broth has extra nutrient density and a delicious satiating flavor.

I hope you enjoy this recipe!

Miso Mushroom Moon Stew

Recipe by Sarah Steffens of Savor & Fancy


1 cup Black forbidden rice, prepared

2 Tbsp Roasted sesame oil

2 cups Cremini mushrooms, sliced

3 Green onions, minced, white and green parts separated

pinch Sea salt

pinch White pepper, OR Black pepper

1 tsp Garlic powder

4 cups Bone broth

2 Tbsp Miso paste

8 cups Baby kale

2 medium Zucchini, spiralized as ‘zoodles’

3, 3 oz. cans Shelled clams

Optional Garnishes

1 sheet Nori, cut into strips

4 tsp Black sesame seeds



Prepare the black rice, set aside.

In a soup pot, heat the sesame oil over medium heat and saute the mushrooms, green onion, salt, pepper and garlic powder until mushrooms are softened.

In a separate bowl, mix the miso with 1 cup of broth to make a paste. Add the paste into the soup along with the remaining 3 cups of broth. Bring to a simmer.

Add the baby kale and reduce heat to low. Place the lid on top of the pot and once the kale is completely wilted, remove the pot from the heat.

Divide the ‘zoodles’ and black rice between 4 soup bowls or 4 mason jars.

Add one scoop of shelled clams to each serving, divide the soup between the servings and garnish with minced green onion, dried nori and black sesame seeds.

Schizandra Rose Beauty Latte

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This creamy, rose infused tonic is delicious and is full of beautifying herbs and superfoods.















Pearl powder (yes, actually crushed up pearls) has been used in the chinese orient for thousands of years as a beauty tonic. It contains the powerful anti-aging antioxidant, SOD that will help to smooth wrinkles and heal blemishes.

Schizandra berry, known as the five flavour fruit,  is used in chinese tonic herbalism to bring moisture and a glow to the skin, a brightness to the eyes,  a sharper mind, and energized body.  It is believed that consuming schizandra for 100 days straight will change your life.

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Lunch Bowl Series: Roasted Roots & Greens Bowl For The Luteal Phase

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Eating this lunch bowl during your luteal phase can help you reduce PMS symptoms and support conception.

The Luteal Phase lasts 10-14 days and starts right after ovulation. The follicle that the egg burst from grows on the surface of the ovary and starts to produce progesterone. The progesterone signals the body to keep the uterine lining intact. Estrogen and progesterone slowly decrease which signal the body to release the uterine lining.

It’s important to note that progesterone is the dominant hormone during this phase of your cycle. If estrogen gets too high or if progesterone is too low then it can cause PMS, breast tenderness, heavy period or other menstrual issues. PMS may be normal but it’s not natural. It’s actually a sign of estrogen dominance. If progesterone isn’t high enough it can decrease serotonin which can cause anxiety, depression and mood swings during your luteal phase. Eating specific foods during your luteal phase can help support your estrogen and progesterone balance.  

Here are the benefits of some of the ingredients  in this recipe:

Roasted Root Vegetables During the luteal phase, your body become more insulin sensitivity so it’s important not to spike your blood sugar with sugar and high carbohydrates. However, you do need some carbohydrates to support the seratonin in your brain. Roasted root vegetables such as carrots, squashes and parsnips are great options to have in your luteal phase because they provide you with a complex carbohydrate that will keep you satisfied but won’t spike your blood sugar.

Leafy Greens Eating your greens everyday is essential during your luteal phase because they contain calcium, magnesium, b vitamins, iron and fibre. All of these nutrients are important to support you in creating and processing proper hormone levels to reduce PMS and support conception.

Soft Boiled Eggs  One little known fact about hormones is that the building block for progesterone, estrogen and testosterone is cholesterol. Having a source of cholesterol, such as eggs, in your diet can help support optimal hormone levels. Eggs also give you B vitamins and choline which are important in processing and building your hormones.


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Lunch Bowl Series: Walnut Goji Shrimp Salad Bowl For The Ovulatory Phase

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This recipe is designed to support you during the ovulatory phase of your cycle when your estrogen levels are highest. You can tell you’re in this phase when your cervical mucous has an ‘egg white’ or watery texture.

It’s important that your body has the nutritional support necessary to remove the high amounts of estrogens you’re body is producing and the xenoestrogens you get from the enviroment out of your body during this phase. This will help reduce symptoms of estrogen dominance during your luteal phase such as sore breasts, bloating and mood swings.

Here’s why the ingredients in this recipe support you during your ovulatory phase:

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Lunch Bowl Series: Salmon Sushi Fertility Bowl

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This is a great recipe to make during the follicular and ovulatory phase of your cycle.  It’s packed with hormone balancing nutrients designed to help support ovulation, bring down inflammation and build blood lost from menstruation.

The follicular phase starts right after you stop bleeding and lasts approximately 7 days until you start noticing your fertile cervical mucous. Estrogen is rising and and the follicle stimulating hormone is being produced to stimulate the maturation of the ovarian follicle.

In this stage your body can really benefit from high omega three fats and antioxidant rich foods to give your body the fuel and nutrients necessary to develop and release the follicle.








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A Guide To Setting Self Care Rituals For Vibrant Health In 2017

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Today I want to lead you through an exercise to uncover the health practices and self care rituals that will help bring your body, mind and spirit into optimal health this year.

It’s no secret that many people have a hard time sticking to their resolutions (92% go be exact). Gyms in January are usually packed with people but when February roles around it’s back to it’s normal number. So, what is it that makes our new years resolutions and health goals really stick? And how do we set goals that are really going to get us the results we are seeking?

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Upcoming Full Day ‘Nourishing Our Cycles’ Women’s Hormone Balancing Retreat

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Join us Sunday, February 12 9:30am – 5:00 pm in Calgary a full day women’s retreat and learn how to nourish and care for your body through the four phases of your menstrual cycle: menstrual, follicular, ovulatory and luteal. Learn how to balance your hormones for optimal fertility, balancing your menstrual cycle and optimal health. The day will include kundalini yoga, an elixir making class, a healthy catered lunch and a workshop on how to accurately track your cycle for fertility awareness.

This retreat is perfect for you are a menstruating woman in the childbearing years and you:

  • Want to learn how to track your cycle for birth control, conception or body literacy
  • You want to prepare your body and optimize your fertility for conception
  • Balance your hormones and track your cycle after coming off of the pill
  • You’re experiencing PCOS, amenorea,  endometriosis, fibroids, polyps or heavy bleeding
  • PMS is making you feel like a different person half of the month
  • You want to balance your hormones after having a baby

The day will include elixirs, refreshments and a catered lunch and these four workshops:

Kundalini Yoga To Balance Hormones with Cassie Zaychuk

cassWe will start the day off with a kundalini yoga and meditation practice with Cassie Zaychuk. You will learn and experience a simple kundalini kriya customized for each phase of your cycle designed for processing emotions, stress management, balancing the endocrine system, glowing skin, more energy and increasing radiance.

Learning To Thrive With Your Cyclical Nature with Madeline MacKinnon

Learn how to harnessing the energy of your cycle FOR more Productivity, creativity, manifestation and more harmonious relationships. Learn how to make your cycle for you and now against you. Madline will share nutrition tips and self care rituals to balance hormones for each phase of your cycle. Learn how your hormone fluctuations affect your decision making, sex life, communication skills, and magnetizing powers.

Elixir Crafting For Hormone Balance With Madeline MacKinnon





Learn how to make delicious elixirs, tonics and deserts to support women’s health through the four phases of the cycle.  You will learn which herbs and superfoods are beneficial in supporting optimal fertility, PMS symptoms, low progesterone and menstrual cramping. Some of the drinks will be a saffron golden milk, schizandra rose beauty aphrodisiac tonic and a goddess hot chocolate. Samples and a recipe book will be provided.  

 Learn How To Track Your Cycle with Dr Andrea Beaubrun

Join Andrea Beaubrun ND, as she guides you to discover tools and techniques used to accurately chart your menstrual cycle. Learn fascinating insights into your hormonal and nutritional health. Andrea has taught hundreds of women over the past 14 years how to connect with their body through menstrual awareness and body literacy. You will be provided with the information and support to track your cycle.

Madeline and Andrea will host a complementary follow up class and potluck on Sunday March 26th at 12 pm where you can bring your charts and answer any questions you have about your cycle.

Registration is limited to 20 women. Sign up ASAP as this class will sell out.

When: Sunday, February 12 9:30am – 5:00 pm

Where: Private location in the inner city NW. We’ll send you the address once you register.

Earlybird Registration before Jan 30th: $150

Full Price $180

Space is limited to twenty women.

Register Online Today. or send an etransfer to