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Try This Detox Bath To Relieve Cramping and PMS Symptoms Naturally

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Ever wonder why you crave chocolate before your period?

Chocolate is high in magnesium and your body’s’ magnesium need increases before your period. Magnesium is an important mineral for women’s hormone balance and optimal health in general. Magnesium activates over 300 enzyme reactions in the body, translating to thousands of biochemical reactions happening on a constant basis daily.

If you have bad cramping during your period, taking a magnesium bath can help soothe and relax the muscles in and around your uterus. Magnesium is highly absorbable through the skin and when you soak in a bath the magnesium will target the muscles to help relax your body and reset your stress hormones.










Here is Madeline’s favorite bath recipe that has salt and magnesium to detoxify and alkalize the body. Making up a few prepared jars of magnesium flakes and salt can make it more convenient to draw yourself a relaxing magnesium and salt bath.

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Try This Paleo Coconut Sunflower Porridge To Prevent PMS and Menopause Symtoms

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This sunflower porridge is a delicious grain-free breakfast dish that is high in hormone balancing nutrients, making it helpful for PMS symptoms and balancing hormones through menopause.

Sunflower seed butter is a satisfying, cost effective spread made from crushed sunflower seeds. I love it for women’s hormone balance because it is really high in Vitamin E and Vitamin B6. Vitamin E is an antioxidant that helps metabolize the estrogen your body produces and ensures estrogen is in it’s usable form. Estrogen metabolization is important for preventing hot flashes and menopause symptoms. Vitamin B6 helps support optimal progesterone levels and has been shown in studies to help decrease PMS symptoms such as bloating and breast tenderness. Read More

Schizandra Rose Beauty Latte

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This creamy, rose infused tonic is delicious and is full of beautifying herbs and superfoods.















Pearl powder (yes, actually crushed up pearls) has been used in the chinese orient for thousands of years as a beauty tonic. It contains the powerful anti-aging antioxidant, SOD that will help to smooth wrinkles and heal blemishes.

Schizandra berry, known as the five flavour fruit,  is used in chinese tonic herbalism to bring moisture and a glow to the skin, a brightness to the eyes,  a sharper mind, and energized body.  It is believed that consuming schizandra for 100 days straight will change your life.

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Lunch Bowl Series: Salmon Sushi Fertility Bowl

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This is a great recipe to make during the follicular and ovulatory phase of your cycle.  It’s packed with hormone balancing nutrients designed to help support ovulation, bring down inflammation and build blood lost from menstruation.

The follicular phase starts right after you stop bleeding and lasts approximately 7 days until you start noticing your fertile cervical mucous. Estrogen is rising and and the follicle stimulating hormone is being produced to stimulate the maturation of the ovarian follicle.

In this stage your body can really benefit from high omega three fats and antioxidant rich foods to give your body the fuel and nutrients necessary to develop and release the follicle.








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A Guide To Setting Self Care Rituals For Vibrant Health In 2017

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Today I want to lead you through an exercise to uncover the health practices and self care rituals that will help bring your body, mind and spirit into optimal health this year.

It’s no secret that many people have a hard time sticking to their resolutions (92% go be exact). Gyms in January are usually packed with people but when February roles around it’s back to it’s normal number. So, what is it that makes our new years resolutions and health goals really stick? And how do we set goals that are really going to get us the results we are seeking?

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Eat For Your Cycle with Four Toast Toppings

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Toasted bread (ideally gluten free , sprouted or fermented) makes for the perfect backdrop for all sorts of healthy and hormone balancing toppings and spreads. We’ve put together four toast topping ideas to showcase how ‘Eating For Your Cycle’ works in optimizing your fertility and balancing your menstrual cycle. You can enjoy toast topped with avocado and smoked salmon to support natural ovulation or beet hummus and seaweed to help prevent PMS and support your progesterone levels.

How eating for your cycle works?

Your menstrual cycle has four distinctive phases; follicular, ovulatory, luteal and menstrual. In each phase, your hormonal levels change to prepare the body for a potential conception and pregnancy. The hormone shifts that happen in each phase of your cycle have a profound impact on your nutritional requirements, food cravings, energy levels, communication skills and neurochemistry.

You can use food to help support this natural process. For example, some nutrients help build progesterone which is dominant in the second half of the cycle while some nutrients detox or build estrogen. If you’re experiencing PMS, painful cramping, heavy periods, infertility or PCOS, eating for your cycle can be a powerful tool in getting your body back in balance.

Here are some examples of how you can eat for each phase of your cycle:

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7 Signs You Have Adrenal Fatigue

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7 Signs You Have Adrenal Fatigue

Have you been wondering if you have adrenal fatigue? Here are some common symptoms and experiences that may be a sign that you need to take a serious look at your adrenal health.

   1. You feel “wired but tired”. You have a hard time getting  out of bed in the morning. However, at night you get a burst of energy. You might have trouble falling asleep or maybe you feel that no matter how much sleep you get you never feel energized when you wake up.  

   2. You crave sugar, chocolate, coffee, salt and other stimulants to get through the day. You especially crave that late afternoon “pick me up” coffee or treat.

   3. No matter what you do, you can’t lose weight.. especially belly fat. It’s so frustrating! You feel like you aren’t getting any output for the amount of energy input you’re putting into your health. Calorie counting and exercises have little impact on your weight…..You’ve haven’t even seen results from that paleo or gluten free diet you’re following. It’s not as easy to lose weight like it used to be for you.

   4. You’re chronically stressed and easily overwhelmed. You know you need to get your stress levels under control but you can’t calm down. Sometimes, you have anxiety that seems to come from nowhere, heart palpitations at night and even panic attacks.

   5. You feel extremely fatigued after exercising. It takes a couple days for your body to fully recover from exercising. You can’t give it all you’ve got like you used to.

   6. Your experience signs of other hormone imbalances. Such as amplified menopause and perimenopause symptoms (hot flashes, water retention, insomnia, brain fog and mood swings), increase in menstrual problems (cramping, irregular periods, PMS) and hypothyroid symptoms (hair loss, cold hands and feet, constipation and a slow metabolism).

   7. You don’t feel like yourself anymore. This is a big one (I’ve had so many woman tell me this!). You’re wondering where your confidence and zest for life went. Your sex drive is low, you’ve got brain fog and you don’t want to leave your house as much anymore. Even accomplishing little tasks can be a challenge for you.  

Everyone is going to experience their own unique set of symptoms but I want you to know that is possible to heal your adrenal fatigue naturally.  The best results come from making targeted lifestyle changes and working with a clinician who can help you uncover to the underlying cause of your hormone imbalance and set you up with appropriate treatment protocols.

About Madeline 


Madeline MacKinnon is a Calgary based certified nutritionist and the founder of Natural Hormone Healing. She dedicates her time, energy and education to help women from around the world balance their hormones naturally without drugs. Her unique and effective system synthesizes the most cutting-edge discoveries in the field of nutritional technologies, super foods, traditional food nutrition and herbalism and combines them with the latest hormone testing, spa healing, and transformational coaching.

In addition to working with her own private clients, Madeline teaches workshops throughout western Canada and is an instructor at The Light Cellar’s teaching kitchen in Calgary AB. She teaches classes on traditional food nutrition, elixir making, food as medicine culinary arts and natural hormone healing.

You can schedule an initial assessment with Madeline by contacting Urban Roots Wellness Centre for Calgary based  Clients or email (she see’s clients from all over the world).