8 Fertility Foods That Work Best With Your Cycle

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We know; there are countless ‘best of’ fertility foods lists… but ours is different.


The secret to increasing the effects of fertility foods is to use them in tandem with your menstrual cycle. Coordinating food with your menstrual cycle (Eating For Your Cycle) gives you better, faster results!

Menstrual Phase

This is your personal winter time: energy is drawn inward and it’s time to rest. To help reduce cramps and promote relaxation, rely solely on a diet of warming foods like soups, steamed or pan fried vegetables, and slow cooked meats.

1. Ginger Root

Warming spices gently stimulate the uterus to properly eliminate blood. You want to make sure blood doesn’t stagnate. This allows for new, oxygen-rich blood to create a healthy home for a potential baby.

Note that you don’t want to over-do it with ginger if you have potentially conceived but it is totally fine to have during menstruation.

2. Grass-fed Beef Liver

Build up those iron stores! You need iron, especially if you conceive. You’re body needs a lot of nutrition for conception. That’s why you may experience hair loss or cavities during pregnancy.

When you’re pregnant, your body is sucking nutrients, diverting them to your growing baby. Grass fed liver is one of the more nutrient-dense fertility foods out there. You can access our recipe for delicious liver with caramelized onions here.

fertility foods ginger

Follicular Phase

In the follicular (pre-ovulatory) phase, estrogen and energy increases as your body prepares to ovulate. You crave lighter, fresher fertility foods, so try and prepare more smoothies, salads or incorporate raw or lightly steamed vegetable elements in your meals. 


3. Acai Berry

Antioxidant-rich foods like acai and other berries will support good quality ovulation and protect the follicle as it develops.

4. Lentils

1 cup of these beans has 90 % of your daily dose of folate, which is important for conception and preventing birth defects. In addition to getting folate from delicious foods, I recommend a good whole food prenatal supplement.

fertility foods lentils


Ovulatory Phase

For 3-4 days, you experience peak sex drive and peak energy. You require about 200-300 less calories a day, and a raw food diet may seem particularly enticing… a good time to go for the ultimate fertility food: wild salmon sushi! In addition, try these other fertility-boosters:

5. Avocados

Avocado is high in folate, B6, and healthy fats. Research shows that avocados increase chances of conception during IVF.


6. Beets

Nutrients in beets help the liver liver ‘methylate’ and detox the naturally high estrogen levels that occur during ovulation. The estrogen needs to be properly eliminates so it doesn’t interfere with the progesterone, the essential hormone required to maintain a pregnancy in the luteal phase.

Try out our ultimate fertility smoothie protocol, it has everything you need to nutritionally to optimize your chances of conception!

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fertility foods avocado eggs

Luteal Phase

After ovulation, progesterone rises and your body continues to ripen your uterine lining, lasting around 12-16 days. 

Our goal with fertility foods is to support progesterone production. Once ovulation and conception occur, your body will rely on the progesterone your body creates vs hormones released by the placenta. At this time, the placenta isn’t quite ready to provide you with what you need. Low progesterone is often a reason for miscarriage.

7. Egg Yolks

Add yolks to smoothies or make yourself soft boiled eggs. Eggs have cholesterol which is one of the building blocks of progesterone and other hormones.

8. Yams

Yams and sweet potatoes have vitamin-A which supports the corpus luteum (your body’s main progesterone producer) and provides minute amounts of natural progesterone. Yams also contain B6 which helps to build your progesterone.

fertility foods yams


When you know how to get the most out of your fertility foods, you harness the power of nutrition to help you conceive! 

We’ve specially formulated our ultimate fertility smoothie protocol to provide to optimize your ovulatory phase. Get our recipe now!

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Get our smoothie protocol to utlize food to conceive naturally and maintain optimal progesteone in the luteal phase!

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male fertility

The Ultimate Guide: Increase Sperm Count and Optimize Male Fertility

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 A current review article states that, on the whole, sperm count for men in North America, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand has declined by more than 50 percent since 1970.

This quote from a CBC article really sums up the facts:

‘… researchers from Israel, the U.S., Denmark, Spain and Brazil performed a comprehensive review of more than 7,500 studies on human sperm count, eliminating those that didn’t meet stringent criteria to ensure data consistency. With the 185 studies left, they did a meta-regression analysis — a method of making sense of multiple studies by accounting for variables to maximize the accuracy of the results.

In the end, their conclusions were based on sperm samples collected from 42,935 men around the world between 1973 and 2011. They found that over those 38 years, sperm concentration declined by 52 per cent, while total sperm count decreased by almost 60 per cent among men from North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.’

Nicole Ireland, CBC News


The exact cause of low sperm count is unknown, however, seeing that there has been no decrease in sperm count in Africa, Asia or South America it is speculated that it has to do with the way we live in the West.


male fertility


It is possible to naturally increase sperm count


Personally, I notice a disproportionate focus on women when it comes to fertility concerns. Of course it is important for women to prioritize health and hormone balance in the name of conception, however it is just as important for the future fathers to focus on optimal health.

All men who are trying to conceive need to work to naturally increase sperm count. This will increase chances of conception and make sure your ‘swimmers’ are in good health; effectively passing on optimal genetics and health to your baby.

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Sperm-Boosting Smoothie for Ultimate Male Fertility

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If your man has low sperm motility, prepare a smoothie full of herbs and superfoods scientifically proven to increase testosterone and increase sperm count and quality.

Three measurable variables to determine strong, healthy sperm are count/concentration, sperm motility and morphology. Sperm motility indicates how well the sperm are moving… of course this has a huge impact on chances of conception.

There are many aspects of male fertility that are under your personal control


In fact, maintaining a healthy body weight, managing stress, exercising regularly and eating an appropriate diet with the right nutrients will support overall male health and vitality.

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Fertility-Boosting Wild Salmon Poke Bowl

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The best way to get omega-3 is from fertility foods like raw wild salmon


As a matter of fact, high-end fish oil supplements are not the best way to get your omega-3. Omega-3 fats are chemically fragile:  their carbon double bonds are easily oxidized by exposure to heat, light and oxygen. Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) is an omega-3 fatty acid that is a primary component of the brain, cerebral cortex, skin, and retina. However, DHA’s molecular structure makes it one of the most vulnerable of all dietary fats.

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Turmeric Smoothie for Endometriosis Diet

Turmeric, Carrot & Mango Smoothie Bowl For Healing Endometriosis

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10 percent of women of reproductive age have endometriosis.

This condition is challenging because symptoms such as bloating, immense pain and fertility fears affect your daily life. However, you may be surprised to know it’s possible to reduce the symptoms with an endometriosis diet! Many women struggle with the symptoms of endometriosis but don’t know that they have this condition. Regrettably, only advanced stages of endometriosis show up on medical tests.

Below is part of the approach I use to help my clients control their endometriosis and, if they are working on fertility, to help them conceive.

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Lunch Bowl Series: Salmon Sushi Fertility Bowl

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This is a great recipe to make during the follicular and ovulatory phase of your cycle.  It’s packed with hormone balancing nutrients designed to help support ovulation, bring down inflammation and build blood lost from menstruation.

The follicular phase starts right after you stop bleeding and lasts approximately 7 days until you start noticing your fertile cervical mucous. Estrogen is rising and and the follicle stimulating hormone is being produced to stimulate the maturation of the ovarian follicle.

In this stage your body can really benefit from high omega three fats and antioxidant rich foods to give your body the fuel and nutrients necessary to develop and release the follicle.








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A Guide To Setting Self Care Rituals For Vibrant Health In 2017

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Today I want to lead you through an exercise to uncover the health practices and self care rituals that will help bring your body, mind and spirit into optimal health this year.

It’s no secret that many people have a hard time sticking to their resolutions (92% go be exact). Gyms in January are usually packed with people but when February roles around it’s back to it’s normal number. So, what is it that makes our new years resolutions and health goals really stick? And how do we set goals that are really going to get us the results we are seeking?

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Eat For Your Cycle with Four Toast Toppings

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Toasted bread (ideally gluten free , sprouted or fermented) makes for the perfect backdrop for all sorts of healthy and hormone balancing toppings and spreads. We’ve put together four toast topping ideas to showcase how ‘Eating For Your Cycle’ works in optimizing your fertility and balancing your menstrual cycle. You can enjoy toast topped with avocado and smoked salmon to support natural ovulation or beet hummus and seaweed to help prevent PMS and support your progesterone levels.

How eating for your cycle works?

Your menstrual cycle has four distinctive phases; follicular, ovulatory, luteal and menstrual. In each phase, your hormonal levels change to prepare the body for a potential conception and pregnancy. The hormone shifts that happen in each phase of your cycle have a profound impact on your nutritional requirements, food cravings, energy levels, communication skills and neurochemistry.

You can use food to help support this natural process. For example, some nutrients help build progesterone which is dominant in the second half of the cycle while some nutrients detox or build estrogen. If you’re experiencing PMS, painful cramping, heavy periods, infertility or PCOS, eating for your cycle can be a powerful tool in getting your body back in balance.

Here are some examples of how you can eat for each phase of your cycle:

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