Damiana, Otherwise Known As Turnera Aphrodisiaca


Damiana is one of the lesser known superstars of women’s health. It’s a shrub native to southern Texas and Mexico, and the leaves are harvested and dried to make herbal tea. From my personal experience, I find it to be very effective. It’s one of those herbs that you feel instantly after taking it. Read on to learn about the many benefits damiana can provide you!


Balance & Relax


Firstly, damiana helps with hormone balance; it prevents our testosterone from converting to estrogen. Th. is will help keep your libido up. This herb calms the nerves and is uplifting for those of us who have had an exhausting day.


To reap the stress-reducing benefits of damiana, make a tea with it on a daily basis. You can also use this tea as a base to my signature Schizandra Rose Elixir. Damiana will also help promote long restful sleeps that rejuvenate and heal your body.


Heat On-Demand


Damiana was known as ‘The Goddess Of Love’ in Ancient Greece and to this day is used as an ‘on-demand’ aphrodisiac. It has been well-documented that it acts as a strong aphrodisiac for men and women. A cup or two of tea will get you in the mood to make love by priming your hormones and directing oxygen to the genitals. Taking the herb will ‘get you in your body’ and allow you to relax to experience more pleasure. In addition, the herb also promote a deep restful sleep afterward. Can you ask for more?!


More Intensity


The active compounds in this herb enlarge the clitoris which helps with stimulation and quality of orgasm. Actually, it’s effective for women with anorgasmia: the inability to achieve orgasm. In fact, 5% of women (young and old!) are never able to achieve orgasm in their lifetime. Damiana can reverse that condition.


Make A Tea


Damiana has a taste similar to chamomile with a slightly sweet-bitter edge. To make a tea from the dried leaves of the herb, combine 1 tsp of herb with 1 cup of water and let steep for 5-20 minutes, depending on your desired strength. You can dilute the infusion with hot water if you find it’s too strong. You can use this tea as a base to chocolate elixirs, or my Schizandra Rose Beauty Latte.

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