9 Detox Tips to Use When Coming Off The Pill

detox from the pill

It’s easy to understand why many women choose to stop taking the birth control pill.


A straightforward reason to come off the pill is because you want to get ready to have a baby.

Similarly, you may choose to stop hormonal birth control in order to live a more natural, healthy lifestyle.

However, many women are not aware of the effect that hormonal birth control has on the body. As a result, the way your body reacts to the drastic change in hormones when you come off the pill can be unexpected and annoying.

Common symptoms include but aren’t limited to:

  • mood swings
  • skin issues
  • anxiety

Ironically, many doctors perscribe the pill to address hormone issues. Bad cramping is a common symptom that doctors treat with birth control during teenage years. However, women continue to utilize the pill into their sexually active years.

Regrettably, women often medicate themselves with hormonal birth control for 20+ years. The pill and other methods of hormonal birth control provide hormones to the body when they would not occur naturally. This intentionally disrupts the menstrual cycle and prevents pregnancy.

The liver is responsible for metabolizing synthetic hormones from birth control and it becomes saturated after long-term exposure. In addition, progestin (synthetic progesterone) supplied by birth control is used to thin the uterine lining. After many years of under preforming, the uterus benefits from uterine tonic herbs to restore it to it’s full, healthy potential.

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Utilize food that you would normally buy at the grocery store to detox from the pill.

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In general, cleansing helps remove unnecessary pressures within the body that may prevent it from responding and utilizing other natural remedies to heal itself. 

coming off the pill

It may take some time for your body to adapt to the change in hormonal levels after coming off the pill. Luckily, your body has a beautiful innate intelligence and it wants to return to balance. That being said, your assistance can help expedite your body’s return to a healthy equilibrium.


My top 9 detox tips I use with private clients:


  1. Spring or Filtered Water and High Quality Salt – The first step to detox is hydration, and a pinch of salt added to water helps your body absorb water
  2. Ingest Clay or Activated Charcoal- has a binding effect and removes toxins from the body, try a food-grade bentonite clay
  3. Get Your Fiber- get 35-50 grams of fiber per day from raw fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds and whole grains. It helps move the toxins through and out of your body
  4. Replenish B vitamins- take high-quality B-vitamin supplements and probiotic-rich fermented vegetables
  5. Eat Healthy Fats- get the building blocks to rebuild natural hormone levels with ghee, lightly cooked fish and avocados
  6. Get Calcium and Magnesium- these nutrients are essential for estrogen detox, which is important coming off the pill and for your monthly luteal phase
  7. Embrace Nature- go barefoot outside; give your body a chance to heal. Get into the sun, swim in cold water, and take deep breaths of fresh air
  8. Daily Detox Drink- utilize the detoxing powers of schizandra berry, lemon, turmeric, dandelion, and cruciferous vegetables to give your body a daily boost
  9. Custom Protocols- everyone’s past and current lifestyle contributes to their unique hormone imbalance while coming off the pill. Having customized recommendations for nutrition and lifestyle can expedite your return to balance and a healthy period in no time!

It’s totally possible to balance your cycle with food and nutrition. That’s what we specialize in here at Natural Hormone Healing. It’s what Eating For Your Cycle is all about! Check out this fantastic beet soup for detox in the summer months.

Our gift to you is our simple detox protocol. This is a gentle, food-based protocol that’s highly effective. It utilizes foods that you would normally buy at the grocery store and combines them delicious ways! When you can work detoxing foods into your day, you will feel the results and achieve a solid baseline of health which your body can maintain.

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Utilize food that you would normally buy at the grocery store to detox from the pill.

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coming off the pill


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