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If you’re on a fertility journey, it can be overwhelming to decide where to sink your time (and your money) to improve your chances of conception. When you decide to go beyond your doctor’s advice and take your health into your own hands, this number of options seems to balloon even bigger.


We’re hoping this post will help you make an informed decision about one option: fertility yoga. 


If you’ve ever wondered if yoga has an impact on your chances of conception, this interview delivers the goods so you can determine if it’s for you.


When a Yoga Instructor Can’t Conceive


Yoga instructor Kate Nguy understands what you’re going through. She struggled with multiple ectopic pregnancies which resulted in the removal of one of her fallopian tubes. After more than a year of trying for a baby, she was told that if she had one more ectopic her remaining fallopian tube would have to be removed. At that point, it wouldn’t be possible for her to conceive naturally.


To Kate, this diagnosis was shocking. The medical system was unable to explain to Kate why her tubes were scarred in the first place and why there was no hope to heal them. She knew there had to be a reason behind the scarring. Her intuition whispered that if she didn’t heal herself now, that reason would continue to impact her health into the future.


Being a yoga instructor, Kate looked to her yoga practice and other holistic modes of healing such as belly massage, meditation and visualization for answers. Ultimately, Kate’s deep dive into her own health allowed her to bring up pearls. Not only was she able to heal her remaining tube and naturally conceive two healthy baby girls, she now helps other women naturally heal and conceive as well.


Encourage Fertility Through Yoga


Kate makes her work accessible through online courses and teaches live at her Edmonton-based yoga studio where she themes practices around the student’s current menstrual phase (talk about customized!). Her tribe is a huge asset to all those on their fertility journey who are looking for support and navigate this stage of their lives.


In the interview, Kate shares the details of her fertility journey and how to work with the menstrual cycle to improve chances of conception. Kate explains why different types of yoga are best for each phase of the menstrual cycle when you’re trying to get pregnant, and recommends effective poses for each phase.


Tune into this interview for all the details on fertility yoga so you can make an informed choice about the value it may have for your fertility journey.


Check out Kate’s work online at Sacred Spaces Yoga– yoga for women’s wellness, conception and beyond


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