Eating For Your Cycle is currently underway!

Eating For Your Cycle is an online course based on the 4 phases of your cycle.

Our energy levels, libido, moods and hormones all fluctuate with our phases, menstrual, follicular, ovulatory and luteal.

Specific nutrients are required to keep our hormones in balance.

We're currently teaching women how to balance their hormones with functional nutrition. They're optimizing their menstrual cycle and energy in 90 days so they don’t have to stay home with cramps and PMS rage!

Course Features

8 Training Videos– learn about your changing hormone levels, optimal self care rituals, the best foods to eat and how to align your life to your cycle

16 HD Tutorial Videos- Madeline demos her delicious recipes, food prep techniques and provides education on hormone health and lifestyle

80 Custom Recipes- all recipes are gluten free, refined sugar free with dairy free and vegetarian options

4 Meal Plans- it’s easy to eat for your cycle with custom meal plans complete with food charts and easy-to-follow grocery lists

Madeline’s Eating For Your Cycle course is so generous! It has so much practical information, beautiful recipes, and delicious food to try. I have studied health and nutrition for many years and still found this course new, very useful and fascinating. I can't recommend it enough! Thank you again for all the wonderful information! I am already noticing improvements!

Erin Legare-Tremblay R.Ac. TCMD

I attended Madeline’s class and it was incredible. I love the service you are providing to women; it was such an eye opener. I had a great experience with my menstrual cycle this month. I doubled up on magnesium the week before my period and made your amazing elixir to sip on during, and I had, dare I say, the first pleasant period in many years! Thank you so much!

Rhonda Peters

The Eating For Your Cycle course is a well planned feast for the palate filled with great information that I could use for myself and in my practice. Madeline is very knowledgeable in the field of women’s health and I was very impressed with the amount of great advice she gave. This is a wonderful course for anyone wanting to know how to regulate their cycle using food and herbs.

Dr. Andrea Hejtmanek DTCM., R.Ac., R.M.T., B.A.

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