Take control of your menstrual health and fertility
with Eating For Your Cycle

You know that your period is a sign of your overall health and fertility and you're worried about what your menstrual symptoms mean.

You’re tired of having to book off work and cancel events last-minute because your cramping is so bad and painful!

There are times where you bloat and your skin flares up; most of the time it’s hard to feel sexy or self-confident. Even wearing your favorite clothes or putting makeup on doesn’t help your mood.

Your health is preventing you from giving your best
to the people closest to your heart.

PMS symptoms put a strain on your relationship with your partner and your low energy sets you back at work. 

When you’re at the doctor, or even a naturopath, you feel like they aren’t really listening. You aren’t satisfied with vague recommendations, lists of pills and supplements.

The guidance on what to do just isn’t there. 

You're frustrated. You're overwhelmed. You're stressed. 

And one thing is for sure, you're done with feeling like this and you're willing to do what it takes to get your body back to balance.


A lot of women struggle with the following symptoms because of an underlying hormone imbalance 

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    Low libido / sex drive
  • bullseye
    Amenorrhea or an irregular cycle
  • bullseye
    Struggle with weight 
  • bullseye
    Chronic low energy 
  • bullseye
    Addiction to caffeine or sugar
  • bullseye
    Diagnosis of endometriosis, ovarian cysts, fibroids or uterine polyps
  • bullseye
    PMS symptoms 
  • bullseye
    Excess facial hair
  • bullseye
    Painful periods and cramping
  • bullseye
    Multiple miscarriages 
  • bullseye
    Struggling to conceive naturally
  • bullseye
    Low confidence and disconnection from your body

Although your doctor may say there is little you can do,

it is possible to balance your hormones...

in whatever stage you're in. 

madeline mackinnon

Hi, I'm Madeline MacKinnon!

I’ve been in your shoes: my hormones were draining me, I experienced intense PMS symptoms like headaches and breast swelling. I felt like a different person for half the month. 

I was able to completely eliminate my symptoms using body literacy, nutrition and self-care rituals. I help my private clients do this, and now it’s my mission to help you do the same!

Balancing your hormones is possible and within your reach! Here are some client success stories:

I feel Madeline has played a very important role in my happiness lately, as I am currently 22 weeks pregnant! 

This after almost 7 years of trying to conceive and struggling with endometriosis. The timing of conception falls right around when I did see Madeline last and after taking Madeline’s classes. My belief is that heeding Madeline’s advice has resulted in this very treasured moment in my life, and I’m so extremely grateful.I hope that you continue your work helping women to become the best people they can be. With any luck my story will be able to provide the encouragement they require to continue on their journeys.  

Jessica Kaiser, Calgary AB

 I made Madeline's amazing elixir to sip on before and during my period​​​​ and I had the first pleasant period in many years!

I never really had an understanding of the menstrual cycle and I took for granted the blessing it truly is. Now that I use E4YC principles, feel more aware and in control. I am finding subtle differences in my period every month. If I feel a certain way, I immediately check Kindara to see where I am in my cycle and what I could do to support what I'm feeling...or be able to explain my behavior or outbursts! 

Rhonda Peters, Red Deer AB

The practices and recommendations that I learned from Madeline helped  me prepare for and ultimately have a successful pregnancy!

‘Since working with Madeline I have seen numerous benefits that I’m happy to share! I am able to sleep really well, I listen to my body, I’ve reduced my level of stress, and feel less anxiety. I have a much better sense of how to really look after myself in a holistic way.  I am loving being a mom with my new healthy baby!  I learned to trust my intuition as a result of her recommendations and protocols. I’d definitely recommend Madeline to any female friends suffering from hormone imbalance, adrenal fatigue, and for nutritional education!’

Robin McLeavy, Sydney Australia 

Eating For Your Cycle in a Nutshell 

This is not your generic one-size-fits-all nutrition program or detox! 

Get results customized to your busy life. Designed to provide the support you need to implement what you've learned no matter how busy or 'crazy' your life is, or how low your energy levels are.

Based on the 4 phases of your cycle; Menstrual, Follicular, Ovulatory and Luteal. During these phases, our brain chemistry, libido, energy, moods and hormone levels all fluctuate. We require different nutrients to keep our hormones in balance and fertility optimized.

Learn the lifestyle of a sexy, fertile woman. We teach you how to align your lifestyle with your menstrual cycle to reduce stress, boost your hormones and enjoy juicy self-care rituals. You'll feel totally in the flow with your female hormones when they work for you instead of against you.


You can use E4YC for the following benefits

  • check
    • Boost ovulation, reduce miscarriage, and improve your chances of conception

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    • Get your body in optimal hormone health to prepare to conceive 

  • check
    • Decrease painful cramping and the pain associated with endometriosis

  • check
    • Regulate your cycle after coming off the pill or removing an IUD

  • check
    • Reduce PCOS symptoms (acne, amenorrhea, weight gain, excess facial  hair)

  • check
    • Reduce PMS symptoms so that your period ‘just shows up’!

  • check
    • Reverse and prevent cysts, uterine fibroids, polyps and heavy flow


You don't mind your period, it doesn't cause you stress. 

You utilize  your cycle to be super productive. 

You typically feel healthy and you're never concerned about your fertility. 

You feel confident and empowered to achieve your dreams. 

You love being a woman and are empowered by your sexuality. 

You are deeply satisfied with your health and you've moved on to focus on your hobbies.

What The Women Are Saying

I’ve already recommended that that the women closest to me in my life register for the next run of E4YC! 

Eating For your Cycle gave me so much more understanding about my personal menstrual cycle. I have learned several skills to help me work with my cycle and set myself up for success. Some specific tips from the course I now utilize include burning off energy during my Ovulatory phase to help my insomnia (thank you!!) and being gentle with myself later in my Luteal phase. For me these were light bulb moments. I don’t think there are any other programs like Eating For Your Cycle out there. The course was easy to use, adaptable and personal.

Kristen Evans, Calgary AB

As a result of the E4YC principles, my menstrual cravings have reduced!

E4YC has opened up a lot of space and gentleness around what I eat. Rather than trying to stick with a specific eating plan (and failing) eating with and for my cycle helps me move in better rhythm with my natural hunger and taste desires.  As a result of following the eating principles, my pre-menstrual cravings have reduced, as well as some of the bloating and pain. I haven’t seen anything else that so comprehensively gives the tools for eating for menstrual cycle health. The recipes are both delicious and simple, easily adapted to what you’ve got on hand. The educational videos give just the right type of information so you can start to relate to what’s happening at each phase, as well as make decisions for how to eat for optimal health in each phase.  Thanks for creating this! I’ve recommended it to several people.  

Jennifer Lawrence, Freehold Township NJ

How It Works

Develop Body Literacy You'll learn how to read the signs of your body to intuitively predict ovulation and know  what menstrual phase you're in. Gain a clear understanding through our group calls and video tutorials. If you're not menstruating due to amenorrhea we will teach you how to eat with the lunar cycles to balance your hormones.  

Balance Blood Sugar using the recipes, nutrition and food prep so you can balance your moods, easily loose weight, and significantly decrease your cravings.

Customize Nutrition For Each Phase Of The Cycle in order to build and detox certain hormones. We have lots of options for different personal diets. We also provide meal plans and the opportunity to learn how to make your own super-effective custom meal plan.  

The course is comprised of 4 modules which will be released sequentially according to your personal menstrual cycle 


Core Features 
E4YC is packed with valuable tools for you to succeed and reach your goals

Here's what you get access to when you register for E4YC


8 Eating For Your Cycle Training Videos

Learn about your hormone levels, optimal self care rituals, the best foods to eat and how to align your life to your cycle in each phase


16 HD Recipe Tutorial Videos

Watch 'cooking shows' E4YC Style! Madeline will demo her delicious recipes, teach you food prep techniques while education you on hormone health and lifestyle. 


6 Live Coaching Calls with Madeline

Join our live coaching calls to deep dive into Eating For Your Cycle topics, ask your questions and get real-time support. Example topics include E4YC meal planning , smoothie hacks and more


80 Eating For Your Cycle Recipes

Customized for each phase of the cycle. All recipes are sugar free, gluten free with dairy free options. 


4 Eating For Your Cycle  Meal Plans

The course gives you access to meal plans that utilize the recipes in a straightforward way; customized for each phase of the cycle. 


Private E4YC Facebook Community Membership

This is not a self study course. Join to seek support, share your recipes and learn even more valuable information! 

 Course Value Breakdown

What each part of Eating For Your Cycle is worth

$400    Each module is like a special class with lifetime access (counts training videos                  + cooking videos)

$400    80 recipes

$60       4 meal plans + grocery lists 

$2000  6 live coaching calls + Private Facebook Group 

$140    Other printouts

$3000  Total Cost

We Designed E4YC For You

However this is not going to cost you $3000.

Get access to this program to boost your fertility and balance your cycle for $350 CAD (or two payments of $175 CAD).

If it’s so good, why are you giving it away for cheap?

Because E4YC is an online group program, I’m able to reach more women. When I answer one question for the group, everyone benefits!

We are genuinely interested in seeing you succeed. Many women are interested in coaching with me but they can't afford the $2700 coaching fee for 3 months. I can’t give people everything they need in a 1-time session for $150, so that’s why I created E4YC.


Get access to the following bonuses:

  • bullseye
    Pocket guide to the do's and don'ts for eating in each phase 
  • bullseye
    Self-Care Spa Rituals guide to help you indulge in every phase
  • bullseye
    DIY Smoothie Freezer Pack Recipes For Each Phase (Make 2 months of smoothies in less than 2 hours!) 
  • bullseye
    Live workshop on meal planning for your cycle for ultimate customization
  • bullseye
    Live workshop on using essential oils for hormone balance and fertility
  • bullseye
    Bonus vegan and vegetarian recipes
  • bullseye
    Printable resource on how to avoid endocrine disruptors that affect your hormone levels
  • bullseye
    Fertility smoothies specially crafted to compliment your conception plan
  • bullseye
    Elixir & Herbal Tea Recipes For Each Phase of The Cycle
  • bullseye
    Blood Sugar Balancing Food Info printout
  • bullseye
    Kitchen hacks to get you prepping your meals quickly and easily
  • bullseye
    Pantry Stocking Guide to understand what's essential for a hormone-balancing cupboard

Register Now For Eating For Your Cycle!

The 4 course modules will be released each week starting November 17th. 

Doors Close on November 17th at 11:59 PM MST!

Upon Registering you will immediately receive our cycle tracking guide, fertility smoothie recipes and self care rituals for each phase of the cycle so you can start implementing the E4YC principles and see results right away!

Pay in Full

$350 CAD  

Converts to aprox. $275 USD

Payment Plan​​​​

$180 CAD  

2 Payments billed 30 days apart

Payment Plan​​​​

$120 CAD  

3 Payments billed 30 days apart


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Can my partner or family members eat the same food I'm eating while I'm taking the program? 

What is I have amenorrhea due to PCOS, premature ovarian failure, or other unknown causes?

I've purchased online courses in the past and done nothing with them. I haven't actually utilized the info/ learned anything; it was a waste of my money.

How long will it take to see changes in my hormones? 

What is the time commitment that I need to make to the program?

Will I be able to get extra help if I need?

When following the meal plans I experienced less menstrual pain!

I signed up for E4YC because I experience severe menstrual pain and it prompted me to seek alternative treatments to the conventional toxic pain relievers. When following the meal plans carefully I did experience less menstrual pain. Learning about foods that flush excess estrogen was really helpful and I do feel more balanced now. There's lots of personal support with questions that arise, there's a communal feel through the Facebook group and lots of sharing. I haven't seen any other course like this at all. I love the meal plans as it makes it so easy! 

Mai Powell, Calgary AB

This Program helped me understand the changes I feel in my body throughout my cycle and what my body was trying to tell me!

I no longer feel helpless when my energy is low, now I’m more pro-active to seek out the true cause of my discomfort. I also enjoy nourishing my body with the right foods instead of grabbing empty calorie foods.

Flora Chen, Calgary AB

Try it Out 100% Risk-FREE!

I'm confidant you will be thrilled with the results, so I'm happy to offer at 100 % money back guarantee. I have built this course from years of research on women's health and hormone balance and working with clients on their unique concerns. 

If you don’t see results on your hormone tests after 90 days of Eating For Your Cycle, cancel to get 100% of your money refunded, no penalty. And I’ll let you keep the downloadable PDF’s you’ve received as my gift to you for joining Eating For Your Cycle.

You must show proof of your before and after hormone tests and following the protocols and watching the course material. Click here for our full refund policy.

Register Now for Eating For Your Cycle!
Doors close this Friday, November 17th at 11:59 PM MST

Pay in Full

$350 CAD  

Converts to aprox. $275 USD

Payment Plan​​​​

$180 CAD  

2 Payments billed 30 days apart

Payment Plan​​​​

$120 CAD  

3 Payments billed 30 days apart