Learn Craft Delicious Custom Elixirs For

Hormone Health At Home 

Reduce and heal your symptoms through the compounding effect of
the best tonic herbs for women’s hormone balance

Imagine... You enter your kitchen in the morning. It's brimming with healing ingredients specifically to increase your energy, longevity, and beauty. You make up a 'latte' to fortify yourself and support your health. It satisfies and nourishes you to the core.

You start to notice a difference in your complexion, an increase in mental clarity, and stability in your moods. You feel connected to your 'inner medicine woman' when you craft your own custom medicinal formulations.

If you're ready to up-level your health with healing beverages, we have something for you!

Elixir Crafting For Women's Hormone Balance

Learn how to use medicinal herbs in delicious elixirs. Make daily drinks to fortify yourself and support your health in whatever way you need most.

So what is an elixir?

Elixir crafting is the perfect alternative to taking pills and supplements for optimal health.

Elixir crafting is a daily ritual of making a warm herbal beverage with ingredients your body requires and craves. Elixirs resemble the flavor of coffee shop lattes and are designed to be a delicious delivery system for your superfoods and herbal medicine. These 'lattes' are easily customized for any dietary restriction (keto, vegan, sugar & dairy free) and health goal (clear skin, increased energy, reduced hot flashes etc.).Elixirs are made with the top-ranked herbs from Chinese tonic herbalism and eastern ayurvedic medicine to promote women’s health and hormone balance.

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About Madeline

I’m a nutrition consultant who specializes in women’s hormone balance. For the past 9 years, I’ve experienced the benefits that elixirs have to offer. My clients who suffer from thyroid issues, low progesterone, and hot flashes get a custom herbal remedy in the form of an elixir. And the women who use it as a healing practice are thrilled with the results the elixir brings them.

I’ve also taught Elixir Crafting For Women’s Hormone Balance live for years. Many women have requested that my live course be available online so they can take it from anywhere, at any time. I'm excited to now be offering this to you!

Elixirs Get Women Results

Robin McLeavy

I am able to sleep really well, I listen to my body, I've reduced my level of stress, and feel less anxiety. I have a much better sense of how to really look after myself in a holistic way. I’d definitely recommend Madeline to any female friends suffering from hormone imbalance, adrenal fatigue, and for nutritional education!

Winnie T.

Since my initial consultation with Madeline, I have been drinking my customized elixir every morning. I am healing from adrenal fatigue and I tell everyone that the beginning of my journey to health started with Madeline and the custom elixir she designed for me. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge!

Anita Chalmers

I'm feeling a lot better with the elixir program Madeline put me on; it’s almost been a month since I started. No hot flashes at all and my sleep is getting better. My weight is slowly coming off and to date I have lost 7lbs.

Sarah Steffens

Madeline introduced me to the ritual of elixir making and I've loved incorporating them into my self-care practice ever since! For me, the practice of brewing a tea and blending it with herbs and healthy fats has been a highlight of my health. I find it calming and grounding to prepare a delicious elixir and Madeline's recipes are simple to follow. Sipping on my elixir helps me feel connected to my body and serves as a reminder that I'm committed to honoring my health. I'm so glad Madeline introduced me to this healing and healthy ritual!

Elixir Crafting For Hormone Balance

If you're struggling with a hormone imbalance or if you just want to up-level your hormone health, elixir crafting is a valuable tool. Herbs can be used to address the root of hormone imbalances. Some herbs act on the liver, which processes all your hormones. Others support your adrenals which rule your energy. When taken on a consistent basis, they become more and more effective with lasting benefits.

Many of the herbs you'll learn about in my course have been used for thousands of years in China to maintain the human body’s beauty and strength, and provide protection from the elements.

Here are some of the hormone balancing benefits of the elixirs you'll make in the course:

Seabuckthorn Saffron Liquid Sunshine- builds progesterone, uplifts your mood, reduces PMS and heavy or irregular periods.

Maccha Latte with Tonic Herbs- an 'adrenal healthy' alternative to coffee that boosts energy, calms the mind and assists with weight loss.

Adrenal Tonic Latte- for my adrenal fatigue clients who have low energy; you can customize it's effect with different herbs. It's caffeine-free but tastes like a vanilla latte. It can also be made into a mocha!

Schizandra Pearl Beauty Latte- a delicious elixir with all of my top beauty herbs. Drink it to detox excess estrogen, boost libido, increase sexual lubrication, promote glowing skin, balance the menstrual cycle and eliminate hot flashes.

Stress Support Chai- a chai spice latte made with herbs to support thyroid function and adrenal health.

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A Look Inside The Online Course

Module 1
Making Teas

Learn Madeline's top herbal teas for female hormone balance, adrenal support, increasing libido, assisting in sleep, and remineralizing the body. Every elixir starts with a quality tea: a tasty base of herbal medicine. Learn how to extract healing compounds from flowers, barks, leaves and mushrooms with proper infusion and decoction techniques.

Module 2
Elixir Crafting
Madeline shares her signature, time-tested recipes and approach to elixir crafting for the feminine. You can start right now with her short video tutorials to learn the benefits of each herb and expected results. Connect and get inspired to make elixirs your own way, to a point where it's so fast and part of your daily routine. You're ready for this essential tool to elevate your results.

Module 3
Elixir Hacks

Let's help you simplify the process even further! Skip the trial and error phase of learning a new skill. Get essential tips that allow you to make elixirs in less then 2 minutes. Want to create your own recipes? Madeline reveals her intuitive elixir crafting method to allow your inner femininity to nurture and guide you on your path to vibrant health.

Bonus Module
Herbs For Hormone Balance Deep Dive
Join Madeline and Derek Fleming, master herbalist and founder of New Earth Organics for a more in-depth look at herbs like damiana, schizandra, and pine pollen. You'll understand exactly why these herbs are so potent for balancing women's hormones.

Course Breakdown

As you go through the course, you'll connect with your inner medicine woman when you begin to understand the benefits of the herbs and how to use them to heal. The tutorials allow you to develop a deep knowledge of herbal medicine and give you the confidence to fold them into your daily routine. You can easily access the course material when you need it; at any time from anywhere in the world with an internet connection!

What you get:

13 Recipe Tutorial Videos Delivered Online

Recipe E book- Elixir Crafting For Women's Hormone Balance

The Specific Benefits of The Top Herbs For Women's Hormone Balance

Resource Guide- Where to Source The Best Ingredients For Your Elixirs

Madeline's Reading List with Essential Books on Elixirs, Herbs, and Hormone health

5 Herbal Deep Dive Videos With Derek Fleming of New Earth Organics

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Can I share these elixirs with my male partner or my kids?
Yes! These elixirs are completely okay for the man in your life. Certain elixirs are safe for kids. When you purchase the course, we provide a guide for you to easily know what herbs are okay for your kids. Many women make cacao or seabuckthorn-based drinks for their children as treats!

How long will I have to access the course?
Once you purchase the course, you have lifetime access to all the course materials. Most women who attend my live class wish they had the opportunity go back and review my information again and again... you have it!

How long does it take to make an elixir?
If you need an elixir in 2 minutes, we have recipes for you! If you want to know how to craft an elixir intuitively every day, we help you with that too. Elixir crafting is a worthwhile hobby and a useful skill.

Where can I purchase elixir ingredients?
We provide a guide on where to source the best ingredients for your elixirs in Canada and the US. We recommend online and in-store sources, as well as one-stop-shops to easily pick up everything you need. Many products can be picked up from your local health food store.

How long will it take to get results?
The key is consistency. If you want to fully reap the benefits, you need to make yourself an elixir 5 days a week, or consume the herbs in some way consistently. You might feel a sense of well being and energy instantly, but the real results come from taking these herbs for over a month.

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Join today! Start using tonic herbs in your daily routine...
Experience all the benefits elixir crafting has to offer.

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