Here at Natural Hormone Healing we are committed to equipping women with the tools to help them balance their hormones naturally. One of these tools is making a daily hormone balancing elixir.


What Is An Elixir?


An elixir is a warm beverage made with a herbal tea base.  Elixirs resemble the flavor of coffee shop lattes and are designed to be a delicious delivery system for your superfoods and herbal medicine.


Elixirs are easily customized for any dietary restriction such as keto, vegan, nut, sugar, or dairy free. When you utilize the top-ranked herbs from Chinese tonic herbalism and eastern ayurvedic medicine in your elixirs, you get can get the benefits like clear, glowing skin, increased energy and libido, reduced hot flashes and general well-being.


elixir hormone balance

So Why Elixirs?


An Alternative To Pills And Supplements- Elixir crafting is the perfect alternative to taking pills and supplements for optimal health. Herbs that usually taste strong on their own are made palatable by the formula of an elixir. To do this, we add vanilla, a natural sweetener like honey or stevia, healthy fats like coconut oil, raw cashews or ghee, and lucuma powder, a fruit from Peru which ups the creamy deliciousness.


An Alternative To Coffee- you may have a daily ritual built around coffee, which is hard to break. Use this ritual to your advantage by replacing coffee with a caffeine-free alternative, that’s beneficial for your health! You can make your elixir taste similar to coffee by adding herbs like medicinal mushrooms or use a root tea as the base.


These herbs support your adrenals and help build your ‘true energy’ rather than the cortisol-based energy of coffee. If you still enjoy the effect of a stimulant, make an elixir with maccha. Maccha gives you the same feel-good dopamine rush but it has L theanine which calms your brain. You can also use yerba mate and add herbs to support your adrenals.


Make Your Elixir A Meal


Add collagen peptide protein to make your elixir into a meal. The addition of protein completes a perfect blood sugar balancing combination of fat, protein, and healthy carbs. This is a perfect light meal for those who don’t like breakfast but know they need it to increase energy and lose weight. An elixir also makes a good afternoon treat that can satisfy you 3pm sugar cravings. You can customize your elixir for this time of day if you add some brain boosting herbs like Lion’s Mane.

Custom For Hormone Balance


When I see a client for a one-on-one session, I typically create a custom elixir recipe to balance their hormones. I recommend different elixir recipes to balance adrenals, build progesterone, detox estrogen, support brain health and improve complexion. For someone interested in maintaining their hormone health and beauty, elixirs are perfect for you!


If you struggle with hormone imbalance or if you just want to up-level your hormone health, elixir crafting is a valuable tool. Herbs can be used to address the root of hormone imbalances. Some herbs act on the liver, which processes all your hormones. Others support your adrenals which rule your energy. When taken on a consistent basis, they become more and more effective with lasting benefits.


Many of the herbs in elixirs have been used for thousands of years in China to maintain the human body’s beauty and strength, and provide protection from the elements.


We really hope you feel inspired to start making elixirs. If you want to learn how it’s done, we offer an online course that assists you with everything you need to know to make elixirs for women’s hormone balance.

Attention: women who want natural relief from period pain