Today, I’m going to share with you the health basics I wish I knew when I got started with nutrition and my own adrenal healing journey.


When I first started out, I loved to learn about superfoods, detox and herbalism. I was a sponge, sucking up all the nutritional inspiration I could get my hands on. At some point, I felt l knew quite a lot about these topics but struggled use the information effectively to get the results I was seeking.


Looking back, I realize I didn’t focus on building my foundation of health basics. To me, the foundation is equivalent to the 20% input that gives me 80% of my results. When you’re healing adrenal fatigue this is very important! You need to make sure your health basics are in place in order to heal effectively.


health basics


As a human being, you have your animal evolution to answer to. Certain lifestyle aspects must be in place in order for your genes to function and express themselves properly. If you don’t have these health basics, it’s not possible to be in peak health. Instead, you will add stress day by day, which can either cause adrenal fatigue or de-prioritize healing in general.


Your daily lifestyle is more important than you might think.
Here are the foundational health basics you need.


1. Proper Light Exposure- You need to get sunlight in the morning and darkness (or ‘red’ light) at night. This is because your adrenal glands regulate your circadian rhythm. If you’re body is confused by light exposure (or lack thereof) it strains your adrenals. Light exposure is simple, free and so important. We can learn a lot by comparing ourselves to animals in nature. If a bird lived in a cave would it be in optimal health? Nope. Natural sunlight and limiting unnatural light at night time is a basic human need.


2. Movement- You’ve got to move to pump lymph through your body and to aid in the return of blood from your limbs. The movement of blood, nutrients, oxygen and cellular energy is dependent on external movement. Moving helps you sleep and creates a natural feeling of well-being while decreasing stress.


3. Managing Your Stress Response- Stressors influence your mood, sense of well-being, behavior, and health. Your learned patterns of coping affect the relationship between psychosocial stressors and disease. Finding techniques that work for you to lower your heart rate and bring you feelings of peace are essential to live more in the parasympathetic nervous system to stay healthy.


4. Community- Loneliness causes stress because it is not natural. We are tribal beings and we have a deep rooted need for community. Simply being around people is not enough; we need to feel wanted and appreciated. If you’re struggling to get enough, you can search for free meet up groups nearby or set up a weekly phone call with a good friend.


5. Being In Nature- When we spend time in our natural habitat it calms our mind. Fresh air helps revitalize us. Even looking at pictures of natural landscapes bring peaceful feelings.


All of these foundational health basics need to be satisfied in order to continue on a path to health.


I’ve come to really utilize the eighty-twenty rule. What is the twenty percent you can do to get eighty percent of your results? How could you develop a foundation of good nutrition and self care that would support your health?


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health basics

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