You’re trying to conceive and ovulation week is approaching… fast!


Right now, it makes sense to stack the odds in your favor for a successful pregnancy. One crucial area to address is what foods you include in your 3 daily meals.


Your meals influence your fertility because your body relies on the nutrients from food to create the ideal internal conditions for a healthy pregnancy.


So what are the best foods to eat during ovulation week to increase chances of conception (and support general hormone balance)?


Here’s our ultimate guide to the nutrients and foods your body needs to be in peak form for ovulation.


Key Fertility Nutrients


B Vitamins assist with the egg release during ovulation and implantation. They also help your body metabolize and eliminate the high amounts of estrogen you produce. This makes room for the perfect progesterone balance that you need to maintain a pregnancy. B Vitamins also have the added bonus of boosting your mood!


Get It From Food- The best ovulation foods that are high in B Vitamins are egg yolks, dark leafy greens, legumes, whole grains, and seeds such as sunflower, hemp and sesame. Make sure to soak or sprout them before cooking so they’re easier to digest.


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Zinc supports progesterone production which essential during ovulation and throughout pregnancy. This mineral also assists cell division, so be sure to include a lot of foods rich in zinc post-ovulation as well.


Get It From Food- The truth is that vegetarian sources of zinc are not as easily absorbed by the body as animal-based sources. If you eat meat we recommend that you get zinc from high-quality grass fed meats like beef and lamb. There is a high concentration of zinc in liver so try pan fried liver and caramelized onions or make a chicken liver pate to spread on toast or crackers. The best vegan forms of zinc are pumpkin seeds and seaweeds.


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Fat Soluble Vitamins- Vitamins A, K and D are important for fertility because they support progesterone production. Internationally, traditional cultures prize foods unique to their region that are high in these very nutrients. Women in their fertile years, pregnant mothers and children would be encouraged to include foods high in Vitamin A, K and D in their diet. Why? Because these foods were known to boost fertility!


Get It From Food- Grass-fed organic butter or ghee, Gouda cheese, organic cream, liver, organ meats, muscles, and cod liver oil all have these powerful nutrients.


Other Fertility Superfoods


Avocados are high in Vitamin E, magnesium, folate and other B Vitamins, and healthy fats. A credible study has shown that while undergoing IVF treatment, women who ate an avocado a day during ovulation increased their chances of conception.


Figs have been revered for centuries as an aphrodisiac and are high in plant-based zinc. They also contain magnesium, manganese, calcium, copper, potassium, folate and Vitamin K and A.


Edible Flowers are the sex organs of plants which means they have plant hormones that support you during your blossoming time (ovulation). Use delicate pansies or bright, spicy nasturtiums to garnish your salads, eat orchid blossoms with raw organic chocolate and be sure to appreciate the beauty of the blooms.


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Raw Berries have special fibres that help you detoxify the excess estrogen you expel through your digestive tract. The antioxidants in blueberries, blackberries and acai will also help support the health of your ovaries.


Beets contain betaine which helps your body methylate toxins and estrogen to maintain natural progesterone balance.


Cabbage is a great source of fibre which ensures proper elimination, an essential part of hormone balance.


Ovulation Week Meal Ideas


1.Go out for sushi with your partner and order raw wild salmon for some super absorbable omega 3. Try it at home and make our poke bowl recipe here!


2. Mash a ripe avocado with wild canned salmon and spread it on top of your favorite cracker or cucumber slices. This could be a snack or an alternative to avo toast and eggs in the morning.


3. For breakfast, cook a fluffy omelette filled with steamed dark, leafy greens, fried mushrooms and garlic.


4. Snack on crackers spread with liver pate topped with smoked oysters.


5. Make a healthy slaw (I love this one from with raw cabbage and carrot as a side dish for burritos or tacos.


6. Enjoy our Salty Spiced Pumpkin Seeds as a snack, or include raw seeds in your smoothie.


7. Try our ovulation smoothie for breakfast or a pre-workout snack to easily get all your fertility nutrients in one glass!


You may already include these fertility foods in your diet on the regular. However, when you eat them during your ovulatory phase you will enhance their beneficial effects. The best thing to do is to find easy, enjoyable ways to eat these foods during ovulation week so that you can take the stress out of baby-making.


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