Are your hormones sabotaging your relationship?


So many women and men are needlessly suffering in their relationships because of fluctuating hormones causing mood swings.


Sometimes your patience wears thin for no reason. You blow up over something that typically wouldn’t ruffle you at all. Now you’re fighting with your partner and you are feeling super irritable, which makes you want to push all of his buttons like a kid in an elevator… just because you can.


After the smoke clears, you think back with regret and confusion; what’s with the strong reaction? Why did I want to lash out? You feel bad… what you said during your argument just isn’t reflective of the true you.


You realize that when you’re PMSing internal negative self talk about yourself or your partner increases. Is this normal? Does it have to be like this each and every month?


It’s not me, it’s my hormones.


Of course it’s important to take accountability for our own actions. However, we can understand the hormonal origins of our moods and learn ways to return to balance. This reduces feelings of guilt and empowers us to take action to fix it.


mood swings

What causes mood swings?


  1. High Estrogen Levels– When estrogen is too high and progesterone is low you get classic PMS mood swings, more negativity, and you feel less confident in yourself. This chemical imbalance causes disconnection from yourself and your desires. When we aren’t connected to ourselves, our relationships suffer.


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  1. Low Testosterone Levels– When I say ‘testosterone’ you think ‘sex drive’. It’s true that lower libido impacts intimate relationships; sex is such a bonding experience for you and your partner. However, testosterone levels are linked something equally as important: self confidence.


A lot of my private clients suffering from hormone imbalance report that all of a sudden they feel like their confidence is gone. Women that have been super self-confident their entire life, that have many achievements to be proud of… suddenly they’ve become self conscious almost overnight.


Self confidence shapes your perspective, your outlook on your life. If you’re not confident, you may not go for your dream career, apply yourself to your hobbies and goals… you may not feel worthy of the life that you truly desire. This is something serious that needs to be remedied.


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  1. High or Imbalanced Cortisol-  If your cortisol is out of balance (aka adrenal fatigue) your energy suffers. If you and your partner have mismatched energy levels, it can impact what you want to do together. Your partner may want to engage in activities or social events when all you want to do is stay in and cuddle, causing a rift between the two of you. Especially if you have kids, a cortisol imbalance can be an emergency if you can’t keep up with them.


If you think you might have adrenal fatigue, check out our article on understanding the phases of adrenal fatigue. 


Heal Your Hormones, Help Your Relationship


Sometimes it’s appropriate to use the phrase, ‘honey… It’s not me it’s my hormones”. However, there are so many methods you can use to balance your hormones and address the root cause of your mood swings. That’s why you came to this page!


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mood swings

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