Christa Collie, Calgary AB

I would absolutely recommend Madeline for any women’s health issues! She has been an excellent resource for me through our one on one session and her Women’s Intensive Elixir Class. Madeline has a calm, laid back with no pressure approach. Yet, having said that, the encouragement I felt while chatting with her has pushed me to continue, and try new approaches.’

Lana B

I wanted to be a truly healthy woman, full of vitality.

I was tired all the time with adrenal exhaustion and not enough energy to get through the day. I craved sugar after every meal. Madeline intuitively customized a unique and individual plan for me to achieve and accomplish greater health, vitality and well being, physically, mentally and spiritually.

Madeline is intuitive, very talented, knowledgeable, calm and compassionate. She is passionate about her work and cares about her clients!

Barbara Eastham, Calgary AB

Madeline’s work is nothing short of a service of love!

Madeline’s classes and private consultations have given direction and refinement to the relationship between what I eat and how I feel. I have noticed that I have more sustained energy and a clearer mind. It has brought increased joy into my kitchen for preparing food for those I love.’

Marina Love, Montreal

‘Madeline is a goddess alchemist heavenly herbal nutrition rockstar! Her intuition is so on point and her diagnosis are always what my body has divinely needed. She makes consulting fun, relaxed, and gets you excited about taking care of your beauty, body, and health. I recommend Madeline to anyone tired of browsing articles and in need of change.’

Marie Dyer, RN, Calgary AB

‘Madeline helped me get my energy and hormones back to balance. Her unique approach using lifestyle shifts, herbal elixirs and nutrition has opened me up to how effortless and pleasurable healing can be. I recommend Madeline’s programs and classes to anyone who is ready to make real changes in with their health and hormone balance.’