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Madeline did an interview with women’s sexual empowerment educator Courtney Davis. Courtney teaches women how to connect to their vagina and body for more pleasure, power and fulfillment. She is the creator of Viva la Vagina, an e-course for women designed to help women experience the full spectrum of orgasm and help them increase their capacity for pleasure.



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Women’s Sexual Health


Sexuality is not thought to be a part of our everyday life. It’s common to believe that you’re only sexual at certain times, for example when you’re having intercourse or when you masturbate. In fact, a healthy sexuality is understanding that the sexual part of yourself is always there. It’s part of the whole ‘you’.


When you deny a part of yourself, you’re not being yourself. You may experience feelings of self-doubt and a decrease in confidence because you’re labeling parts of yourself as good and bad instead of accepting yourself as a whole.


Our Impact On The World


The quality of our sexuality affects our impact on the outside world. In fact, our ability to be in relationship with others reflects the quality of our connection with self. If you’re looking to improve your personal and even professional relationships, it’s wise to look within first.


In addition, sexual energy is closely tied with creative energy. Your feminine nature gives you the power and confidence to birth your creative ideas into the world. In order to move forward with your dreams and goals, you need to be healthy sexually.


Healing Can Be Difficult


For women, it can be difficult to be sexually healthy. Our gender is disconnected from our bodies, especially our vaginas. And our vaginas are the seat of our sexual power! This disconnection may be a result of beliefs or shame around our vaginas and how sex should be.


In addition, we’re taught to evaluate ourselves from an external perspective. Our value is measured based on what our minds and bodies can do for others. When you make self pleasure part of your routine, you become aware of what your body does for you. Masturbation is a physical way of showing yourself love!


Begin to re-integrate your sexuality by consciously connecting with your body. When you’re present with your body and the sensations, you’ll begin to unearth psychological or emotional blockages that are holding you back from experiencing your best life. You can do this through self love practices such as self pleasuring or the yoni egg practices.


self pleasure and sexual health

Connect With Yourself, Your Body, Your Vagina


For many people, self pleasure or masturbation involves the quick use of a vibrator to achieve a clitoral orgasm. This approach can be good for relieving stress; however, self pleasure can be used to experience so much more. When you improve the quality of the intimate time you spend with yourself it has the power to transform your life.


Step 1: Focus on presence instead of a goal. There’s nothing wrong with the desire to reach orgasm. However, it’s easier to be aware of your body when you drop the expectation of an orgasm.


Step 2: Prioritize self pleasure. Take a moment to define why sexuality is important to you. This will make it easier to dedicate time to self pleasuring. It could be a desire to connect with your body more deeply, enhance your intuition or to increase self love.


Step 3: Set a strong intention. Each time you self pleasure, tune in to your underlying motivation. Doing this will reinforce the importance of the time and reframe masturbation.


Why Can’t I Orgasm?


You may not believe this, but all women can have powerful, life-changing internal orgasms. You may be familiar with clitoral orgasms, which have a distinct energy pattern: energy peaks and then falls right afterward, similar to male orgasm. On the other hand, internal orgasms are a slow build and are more available when you can deeply connect and surrender to yourself and/or your partner.


There are many reasons why you might not have had an internal orgasm yet:


1. Too much focus on the clitoris. Many people don’t give the inside of the vagina as much attention as the clitoris. This could be attributed to the misunderstanding or lack of knowledge of female sexuality.


When you’re in the habit of pleasuring the clitoris you might feel the nagging temptation of trying to achieve a clitoral orgasm because you know how to do it. If you want to experience internal orgasms, it’s helpful to forgo clitoral orgasms for a period of time. Avoiding the clitoris can be difficult because clitoral orgasms can be addictive because it is so intensely pleasurable.


2. Disbelief. You may have never heard of the two types of vaginal orgasms: G spot and cervical. If you are aware of the vagina’s potential to experience pleasure, you may not believe that it’s possible for you because it hasn’t happened before.


3. Disassociation. Many women aren’t happy with their vaginas. This may cause you to ignore your vagina. These dismissive thoughts and behaviors cause the vagina to become numb to sensation and touch may be painful.


Self Pleasure And Hormone Balance


If the stress hormone cortisol is elevated for an extended period of time, it has a negative impact on hormone balance. When your sex life is thriving (through self pleasure or with a partner) it provides a regular dose of pleasure to counteract the negative effects of cortisol. Internal orgasms are a powerful tool you can use to release what’s weighing you down psychologically and emotionally. A regular self pleasure practice could act as a buffer to cortisol-related hormone imbalances like adrenal fatigue.


self pleasure and sexual health

Crystal Dildos


The benefit of a crystal dildo, or pleasure wand, is that they can help turn self pleasure into a conscious and intentional practice. Firstly, they’re beautiful. Using something feminine and full of natural beauty can help you relax and be at ease. Secondly, they’re non-vibrating. Vibrating toys are powerful and cause intense sensation, which allows us to bypass the subtleties of the self pleasure experience.


You can view and purchase a selection of crystal dildos on


The Benefits Of Yoni Eggs


A yoni egg is an egg-shaped stone crystal that is used to strengthen the pelvic floor and vaginal muscles. The yoni egg practice is popular because it’s an effective way to connect to the vagina and ignite your sexual energy. It’s true that you need to have a strong vagina to have orgasms or to ejaculate. In this way, the yoni egg practice will help you deepen your pleasure. Training with a yoni egg also helps to shift your awareness into your vagina, which can increase your self confidence.


Cultivate Your Sexuality


Ultimately, when you’re cut off from your sexuality, you’re cut off from a part of yourself. This negatively effects your self confidence and from there your entire life. By reframing masturbation, you can use it as a tool to unite the parts of yourself into a whole for greater self-love, enhanced interpersonal relationships and creative ability.


If you’re looking for a method of building your connection to your body, improving your hormonal health, or you desire powerful internal orgasms, check out Courtney Davis’ online program, Viva La Vagina. To learn more visit the links below:


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self pleasure and sexual health

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