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Iced Tea for Adrenal Support

Craft Your Own Iced Tea For Adrenal Support

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Iced tea became wildly popular at the 1904 worlds fair in St Louis. It was so hot, the fair-goers wanted nothing to do with hot drinks and went in search of cold drinks. It’s still a popular way to cool down and enjoy yourself when the temperature makes you melt! Stress is common in the summer months; there’s so much going on and adrenal support needs to be a part of your self care at this time.

Iced Tea for Adrenal Support

Drinking your usual tea over ice is a tasty way to get more fluids when the weather is warmer and you may be perspiring. Making your own tea blend with medicinal  herbs helps you get all the benefits of the herbs in a way that compliments the heat of summer days!


Herbs for Adrenal Support and Women’s Hormone Balance


Red Raspberry Leaf is an overall women’s hormone balancing tonic. Raspberry Leaf help the uterus stay ‘stretchy’ and is very beneficial when preparing for birth or reducing menstrual cramping. Read More

Summer Hibiscus Punch

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This elixir recipe is one of my summer time staples. Hibiscus flowers are an incredibly nourishing herb for women’s hormonal and blood health.

We can use the doctrine of colour signatures to determine that the blood red colour of hibiscus tea indicates that it’s incredibly beneficial and nourishing for the blood, heart and circulatory system.

Here’s why:

Hibiscus tea is Blood Building & amp;High in Vitamin C -The high vitamin c content of hibiscus helps to build iron levels in the blood and can contribute to naturally increasing progesterone
Hibiscus tea Lowers Blood Pressure & supports Heart Health – one of the reasons it’s good for the heart is because it prevents cholesterol deposits in the blood.

I recommend women drink hibiscus tea during and after their moontime (period) which is a great time to harness the blood building properties of this herb. Women who have symptoms of anemia, low progesterone, immune issues or high blood pressure can also benefit from drinking the tea daily. However this drink can be enjoyed by anyone who wants a healthy summertime tonic that the whole family can enjoy.

How to make hibiscus tea

2 handfuls dried hibiscus flowers
2 Litre Cold Spring Water

Steep in cold water for 10-20 minutes. Strain and store in the fridge to drink throughout the day.

**you don’t need to heat the water to make hibiscus tea! Cold water will do!

Hibiscus Rose Punch

2 Litres Hibiscus Tea
1 Tbsp Rose Hydrosol
Juice of two organic lemons
Clear agave, liquid stevia or honey to taste for desired sweetness.
Pinch of high quality living salt (optional)

Mix all of the ingredients well and store in the fridge or serve right away over ice.

You can purchase the hibiscus flowers and rose hydrosol at The Light Cellar in Calgary

If you want to learn how to make elixirs and tonics for women’s hormone health check my fall 2014 classes here

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