Do you need menstrual cycle awareness?


If you have period issues, you might feel mystified and frustrated by your menstrual cycle. You don’t know what’s going on ‘down there’, and you wish you could understand what your ovaries and uterus are trying to ‘say’ to you. You’re worried about what your cramps and heavy bleeding might mean about your overall health. However, you can’t spend all day on the couch to meditate and journal about all the problems with your period. You just want to understand enough to know how to ditch the issues, clear your mind, and move on to so you can have a productive day at the office or an enjoyable weekend.


We’ve got good news: there is a practical, straightforward method to learn the ins and outs of the menstrual cycle. One such way is through the teachings in Wild Power. I’m going to review this book and provide you with enough information so that you can decide whether it could help you gain clarity around the pain that comes from your menstrual cycle and how to heal it through mindfulness, lifestyle and self-care practices.


The authors of Wild Power


Wild Power is a work of nonfiction published in 2017 and co-authored by Alexandra Pope and Sjanie (pronounced shar-nee) Hugo Wurlitzer. Together, Pope and Hugo Wurlitzer founded The Red School in the late 2000’s, which is a platform for teaching women how to embrace their menstrual cycle and use it to enhance all facets of a healthy lifestyle.


They wrote Wild Power to get the practical ‘how-to’s’ of menstrual cycle awareness into the hands of women everywhere. Through their teachings, they hope to create a near-future that is completely aware of the menstrual cycle and how it is a beneficial tool for women.


A review of Wild Power


With this in mind, Wild Power explains the hormonal, physical, mental and emotional pattern that makes up the menstrual cycle while simultaneously teaching the reader how to create a relationship with her personal cycle. As the title ‘Wild Power’ suggests, the authors demonstrate how women can be empowered by their menstrual cycle.


Alexandra and Sjanie use a friendly tone to teach the reader all about the female cycle (an how to use it) by going from general to specific concepts. For example, they explain how to chart the menstrual cycle before they break down the ‘inner maps’ used to understand it. Throughout the book, the authors allude to specific concepts that they will discuss later in detail. This got me excited for what was to come, and allowed the authors to explain one concept at a time. Because of the writing style in Wild Power, it’s an enjoyable read. Throughout my time with this book, I was excited to learn more and inspired to deepen my menstrual cycle awareness practice.


After reading this book, I finally ‘got it’ when it comes to understanding how the menstrual cycle affects the whole of me. I’ve come a long way from my negative attitudes about my period, and Wild Power fleshed out my belief in the power and positives of being a menstruating woman.


My Recommendations


If you hold on to negative emotions about being a woman because of your period issues, this book will help you unpack your baggage that may be contributing to your physical pain. If you have a feeling that your body is trying to communicate its needs through your physical symptoms, Wild Power will teach you step-by-step how to make sense of your feelings and symptoms.

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