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Get the custom support you need to balance your hormones

Vibrant Health Transformation

One-On-One Holistic Coaching

for 3 Months

Handheld Support for Your Dream Results

This 1-on-1 coaching package is the gold standard for hormone balance. We provide a fully customized program with resources and tools to help you get to where you always wanted to go.


  • 9 x 60-minute coaching calls per month
  • Access to the best hormone testing available
  • Unlimited email support (we’re always there when you need it)
  • Custom resources (herbal recommendations, recipes, and step-by-step instructions)

Eating For Your Cycle

Balance Your Menstrual Cycle With Our Signature Method

Learn the system that I use with my private clients to fully customize your nutrition and lifestyle to live more in tune with your female body.

Attention: Corporate women who want relief from period pain