About Me

I believe balanced hormones are possible for you, no matter where you’re starting from.

Welcome to Natural Hormone Healing

In a nutshell, I believe that women need a holistic, day-to-day strategy to balance their hormones and have a healthy pain free period. I’ve created a dedicated space online and free resources to help you get relief and improve your experience of your menstrual cycle right now!

Whether you’ve tried a million remedies to relieve your or you’ve recently realized that your hormone symptoms isn’t normal, Natural Hormone Healing will empower and teach you how to use a holistic healing approach to balance your hormones naturally.

From the Pain-Free Periods Sisterhood Facebook group, to the Natural Hormone Healing blog, to my private client coaching programs, it all has ONE objective…

… To teach you the ‘what actually works’ step-by-step process to balance your hormones so that you can focus on living the healthy, productive lifestyle of your dreams.

I wholeheartedly believe that as long as you focus your effort on healing the underlying cause of your hormone imbalance, your menstrual cycle will become a non-issue.

About Madeline

Founder, Nutrition Consultant & Herbalist

I was driven to help women with hormone health because of my personal struggle with intense PMS and adrenal issues. At one point, my health stood in the way of me living the life I wanted. I see the same thing happen to women with PMS and painful periods every single month and so I became committed to helping women get true, lasting relief from period pain, PMS and fertility issues with natural methods. 

I’m am  passionate about helping women have optimal health through all stages of life. From a teen struggeling with painful period to a postpartum mom experiencing adrenal issues to a woman going through menopause. 

In my spare time, you might find me cooking delicious meals, playing tennis in the summer, snowboarding in the winter, or foraging for local food and herbs (in the forest or the farmer market. 

Areas of Expertise

Herbs for Women’s Health

Nutrition for Women’s Hormone Balance

DUTCH Hormone Testing


Honestly this was the least painful period I’ve had in a long time it’s amazing how only two weeks into the program and I was able to notice such a significant change in how I felt during my period. I still had cramping but nothing that needed medication to manage and I was able to resume my daily activities. I’m feeling really good and have noticed my energy levels have greatly improved as well. I find I’m not reaching for that 3 o’clock coffee lately.

Kira Hatton, Calgary AB

I feel Madeline has played a very important role in my happiness lately. After struggling with endometriosis for almost 7 years, I’m currently 10 weeks pregnant. My belief is that heeding Madeline’s advice has resulted in this very treasured moment in my life, and I’m so extremely grateful.

Jessica Kaiser, Calgary, AB

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