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An Adrenal Fatigue Diet

Here at Natural Hormone Healing, we demonstrate how your meals play a part in your healing journey. Unfortunately, if you struggle with adrenal fatigue it can be difficult to prioritize healthy, balanced meals when you have no energy.

We feel you! It’s so much easier to pay for fast food or order take out when you’re desperately trying to find the time to just relax. However, there is a fantastic option that’s at your disposal: smoothies.

Smoothies are perfect for everyone, but especially those of us with low, low energy. In this article, we’ll teach you how your smoothie can become a complete meal that you can make in 3 easy steps.


Hormone Balancing Smoothies

In order for a smoothie to be a complete meal, it has to follow a signature formula:

Healthy Fats- fat is necessary to provide a feeling of satiation. Fat is also a building block of hormones. We like avocado, nut butters, whole flax, sunflower, pumpkin or sesame seeds.

Protein- get this from protein powder. Collagen peptides are odourless and tasteless which allows the flavour of the ingredients to come through. Note that they’re an animal product.

Low Glycemic Fruit or Complex Carbs- we like organic blueberries, beets and pumpkin, which bring the flavor.

In addition, many of our smoothies include the following:

Greens- like spinach, kale or chard, which provide nutrients and magnesium.

Superfoods or Herbs- if you want a natural healing boost, use the top herbs for hormone balance like schizandra and mushroom powders every day.

When you include fat, protein and carbs in a smoothie, you’ve got an easy meal option that can be enjoyed at any time of day.


adrenal fatigue diet

Blueberry Black Sesame Smoothie

The women in our Adrenal Healing Coaching Program love this recipe! It fits in perfectly with an adrenal fatigue diet. Madeline included specific ingredients to help the adrenal fatigue recovery process.

Black sesame seeds act as the ‘fat’ in this smoothie. As a matter of fact, traditional Chinese medicine believes that all black-coloured foods nourish the kidneys, prevent aging and help to ‘recharge your battery’ when you’re feeling depleted. You can typically find black sesame seeds at Asian markets or health food stores.

Schizandra berry also supports your energy levels and liver when taken consistently. Because of its effect on the liver, schizandra promotes hydrated skin and clear, white eyes. 


3-Step Smoothie

To make this smoothie in 3 steps (and have it ready just when you need it), utilize our smoothie pack method. Plan to make at least 5-6 smoothie packs at one time to make it worth your while!

In a medium freezer bag, combine  the blueberries, black sesame seeds, and almond butter.

Fill an ice cube tray with water. In each ice cube, and add the vanilla and any optional powders, if using. Freeze, and pop one ice cube into the bag with the rest of the ingredients.

When you want to make your smoothie, combine 1 cup of water, the contents of the smoothie pack and your protein powder in a blender. Blend and enjoy!

We hope you see how you can use smoothies as a tool to reduce stress and nourish your body at the same time. Please share this tip with someone who you think would benefit!


Photos and recipe by Sarah Steffens of Savor & Fancy

Sarah 2018Sarah Steffens is a Personal Chef based in Los Angeles.  She specializes in Paleo, Autoimmune, and Whole30 cooking and believes food is the starting ground for practicing kindness to one’s body, mind and spirit. She shares recipes and kitchen tips at Savor & Fancy.