Introducing The Hormone
Type Cookbook

Resolve the 7 types of hormone imbalance naturally with simple changes
to your food and lifestyle habits.

Looking for relief from debilitating menstrual cycles, PMS, PMDD, weight gain, hot flashes, low energy, and mood fluctuations caused by a hormonal imbalance?


Based on therapeutic nutrition principles, The Hormone Type Cookbook gives accessible solutions to address common hormone imbalances like low progesterone, estrogen dominance, low thyroid, adrenal burnout, and other issues. Whatever stage of your lifecycle, this guide is your holistic hormone health companion!

Inside The Hormone Type Cookbook, You’ll Find

ovulation week
ovulation week

75 delicious hormone-supporting recipes

Get a collection of recipes, including breakfasts, lunches, dinners, drinks, and snacks for supporting hormone health.

Hormone quizzes and assessments

Determine your specific imbalance and then how to eat to address it. As well as resources on how to request the right hormone testing for your particular set of symptoms.

Therapeutic Meal Plans and Protocols

Daily meal plans and advice on structuring meals to keep your hormones happy. Additionally, you’ll receive dietary protocols to reduce hot flashes, boost egg quality, support bone health, improve thyroid function, and more.

Recipes For Supporting Healthy Hormones

Chocolate Superfood Mousse For Boosting Testosterone

Raspberry Beet Smoothie To Detox Estrogen

Asian Carrot Shrimp Noodle Bowl For High Estrogen

About The Author

Madeline Mackinnon is a passionate nutritionist with ten years of experience helping women to recover from debilitating hormone imbalances. To pursue her mission, Madeline founded Natural Hormone Healing because she believes women need a holistic, day-to-day strategy to balance their hormone health and fertility without synthetic hormones or medications.

She is known for her popular hormone-balancing cooking classes she teaches live across Canada. In addition, she has supported women worldwide through her premier one-on-one online Hormone Healing coaching program and her online Hormone Nutrition School.

In her spare time, you may find her in the kitchen cooking nourishing meals, hiking, or snowboarding in the rocky mountains.