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Our fat bomb recipe helps with hormone balance.


Do you experience afternoon sugar cravings? You’re not alone; it’s totally normal to be hungry for a snack at 3pm. 


However, if you refuel with a sugar-filled snack or grab a coffee, you’re thwarting your efforts to attain hormone balance and stable energy levels.


Indeed, it’s important to avoid sugar if you’re struggling to balance your hormones. It’s a vicious cycle: a hormone imbalance can cause your body to become resistant to insulin (which is a hormone). Your pancreas then has to produce more insulin to keep your blood sugar within a normal range.


In addition, your body will store the excess sugar in fat cells, which releases the excess glucose and affects your blood sugar levels even when you haven’t eaten for a while.


Why Should You Avoid Sugar If You’re Craving Hormone Balance


Adrenal Health: a spike in blood sugar stresses your adrenal glands. Your energy will sharply increase and then decrease.


PMS & Mood Swings: women are susceptible to insulin resistance and hormone imbalance during the luteal phase of the menstrual cycle. Sugar will bring on or exacerbate PMS symptoms. Click here to learn more about Eating For Your Cycle to balance hormones.


Menopause: women naturally become more resistant to insulin during this time, so extra sugar will underline the negative symptoms like night sweats and hot flashes.


PCOS: insulin resistance correlates with excess hair and weight and suppresses ovulation.


For many people the culprit behind their hormone imbalance is the afternoon or evening sugar cravings. So what if you had a delicious, ‘crave worthy’ snack that will leave you satisfied, balance your hormones and help you naturally reduce your insulin insistence? 


fat bomb recipe

This is where our fat bomb recipe comes in.


  • Maccha green tea powder boosts energy, calms the mind and assists with weight loss. Incorporating it into this fat bomb recipe is an alternative to a maccha elixir.
  • Macadamia nuts give a delicious and creamy taste.
  • Cacao nibs supply additional protein and help with the crunch factor!



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fat bomb recipe


Photos and recipe by Sarah Steffens of Savor & Fancy


Sarah 2018Sarah Steffens is a Personal Chef based in Los Angeles.  She specializes in Paleo, Autoimmune, and Whole30 cooking and believes food is the starting ground for practicing kindness to one’s body, mind and spirit. She shares recipes and kitchen tips at Savor & Fancy.