the Complete Period Relief Solution

A 4-phse system that gets working women relief from terrible menstrual symptoms & painful periods.

The Problem

Women are seriously under-served by modern medicine. When a woman wants to get relief from menstrual symptoms that are holding her back from life, she is often met with roadblocks and dead ends. It shouldn’t be so hard to take good care of your body and want the best for your health and happiness. 

This is why we created the Complete Period Relief Solution. It’s a 4-phase coaching system that is designed specifically to get working women relief from terrible menstrual symptoms and painful periods, naturally. 


I’m one week into the Complete Period Relief Solution and I’ve noticed a reduction in the dark rings and inflammation under my eyes. I also have less gas and a reduction in allergy symptoms as well. Something is definitely working!!

–Camille Wilder

I experience severe menstrual pain which prompted me to seek alternative treatments to the conventional toxic pain relievers. I love Madeline’s easy meal plans! When I follow the meal plans carefully, I have less menstrual pain and I do feel more balanced now.

Mai Ruff

the Complete Period Relief Solution

Have a predictable, pain-free cycle without going back on the pill

If you have had enough of your period depriving you of the life of your dreams and you are ready to take back control, we are here to guide you through the process.

The Complete Period Relief Solution is a 3-month group coaching program where you receive one-on-one attention every day as you use nutrition, supplements and self-care to heal the underlying cause of your period symptoms and get lasting relief from pain. 

We guide you through the custom plan to eliminate your pain. Your only job is to focus on doing the work and report back. We listen to your experience and provide encouragement and adjustments as required.

Free Period Pain Audit Call

If you’re interested in enrolling in the Complete Period Relief Solution, book in to chat with us. We will assess your period symptoms and see if you are a fit for the program.