When you think of sushi, you probably envision salmon rolls.




However, nori wraps don’t have to be filled with rice and fish to be delicious. They are a veritable ‘fast food’ that you can fill with your choice of hormone balancing ingredients, and a smoked salmon version is an easy choice!


If you need to make up a quick and easy lunch or snack that satisfies,

smoked salmon sushi should be your go-to.


In this article I’m going to show you a twist on traditional sushi to help you with hormone balance.



Seaweed is a hormone balancing superfood.  I call nori the ‘gateway’ seaweed because it has a mild flavor compared to others such as dulse, kombu or wakame.


Seaweeds are ‘wild foods’, they aren’t hybridized like most vegetables which makes them more nutrient-dense. Seaweeds are high in hormone balancing minerals including folate, calcium, iron, zinc, magnesium, selenium and iodine, a deficiency of which is one of the main causes of breast tenderness during the luteal phase.


Making smoked salmon sushi is so fast and delicious.


Simply follow my ‘formula’ and you can build them from whatever you have on hand.


Wrap- use nori, choose toasted or raw


Sticky Layer- you need something to help everything stick together. Use smashed avocado, smoked salmon, tahini paste or cream cheese.


Hard Vegetables- options include carrots, chopped or grated radish, julienned cucumber, tomato or sauerkraut. You can also add protein like cold chicken, turkey slices or tempeh.


Soft Vegetables- choose microgreens, spring mix, julienned lettuce or sprouts.


Sauce- you can have this on the side or add a little to the mix. I use traditional tamari or switch it up and use balsamic vinegar.


Toppings- add some crunch with a sprinkle of black sesame, pumpkin seed, sunflower seed.


I hope you enjoy this smoked salmon sushi recipe! If you’re Eating For Your Cycle, it’s a perfect light meal for the ovulatory phase. Get innovative and find your favorite go-to combo that you can easily make on a moment’s notice.