Let’s make a delicious, creamy latte using maca root to help balance your hormones! If you’re having some less than desirable symptoms around your period, there’s a chance that your fragile hormones may be out of balance.

It’s important to learn to create recipes that can help iron out any imbalances and help you flourish and feel at your best.


What is Maca Root?


Maca is a root vegetable grown in Peru in the Andes Mountains. The root has been used for centuries by Peruvian natives to increase stamina and strength. Maca can be found in a few different colors and has a robust earthy and slightly caramel-like flavor. You will need to use Maca that has been “gelatinized” to absorb it most efficiently. Maca comes in the form of a powder that can easily mix into elixirs, baking, or any other form of cooking.


What are the benefits of Maca?


Maca is considered an adaptogen, a unique term used only for a particular group of herbs that can help the body adapt to stress on several levels. For example, when we experience long-term stress, it greatly affects our nervous system and hormones, leading to fatigue and inflammation. 


The Peruvian root grows in some pretty extreme conditions, being that it originates from a place that is about 14 000 feet above sea level. Generally speaking, most adaptogenic plants grow in harsh climates, forced to adapt as a species. This robust survival level transmutes as a medicine when we consume these herbs. 


Maca is very nutrient-dense, containing many amino acids, minerals, and vitamins. As a result, Maca positively impacts the hormonal balance within both female and male systems. When hormones are balanced, and our reproductive organs are supported, our libido will be present and functioning properly. 


Here’s a non-exhaustive list of some of the amazing benefits of Maca:


-May benefit women who suffer from PCOS

-Helps to balance hormones estrogen and progesterone

-Supports healthy menstruation 

-Increases libido 

-Supports stress response 

-Support immune function 

-Increase energy 

-Improves focus

-Reducing PMS Symptoms


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Consuming maca root may be especially beneficial regularly when experiencing a time in life when hormones are especially out of balance or low functioning. For example, Maca can be a great benefit for balancing hormones when getting off the pill, post-birth, and in times of burnout. 


Maca For Adrenal Support


The humble root is excellent in supporting the adrenal glands and strengthening the body physically and emotionally. In addition, studies have shown Maca to be effective at reducing blood cortisol levels. Making this herb a great companion to help not only balance hormones in times of need and when you’re feeling burned out and stressed. 



Maca Latte Recipe:


½ cup whole fat coconut milk

½ cup hot water

1-2 tsp Maca

1 tbsp cacao powder

½ tsp vanilla extract or powder

1 tbsp maple syrup 

¼ tsp cinnamon powder




  1. Combine all the ingredients together in a blender.
  2. Blend on high until frothy and well combined. 
  3. Pour in your favorite cup and enjoy!


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