Your menstrual cycle gives you super powers!


When you learn to work with the phases of your cycle, you’ll get more done, deepen your relationship with your body and balance your hormones.


Let me explain…


Everything in the universe goes through cycles.


The earth gets close to the sun then farther away, creating the four seasons. A fruit tree flowers, then fruits, bears its seed, and flowers again.  The moon waxes, becomes full, then wanes into darkness.


As women, this cyclical ebb and flow happens each month in the form of the menstrual cycle. It’s our personal fertility cycle where we have the power to create new life each month. The menstrual cycle is fueled by the creative energy of life, the same energy that dictates all of the other cycles in the universe.


menstrual super powers

4 Seasons


Just like there are 4 seasons in a year, we go through 4 distinctive hormonal shifts that make up the phases of our cycle; menstrual, follicular, ovulatory and luteal.


The hormone shifts impact our brain chemistry, energy, libido, creativity and how social we feel. Because of these shifts, we become naturally more equipped to take on certain tasks.


I like to call our shifting talents ‘menstrual super powers’, which is a term I learned from Lisa Lister’s book, Loving Your Lady Landscape. I combined this knowledge with info on what we’re best at in each phase from Alisa Vitti’s book, The Women Code.


When you become aware of the phases of your cycle you tap into the menstrual super powers to decrease stress, get more done and enjoy living in your miraculous human body.

The 4 Phases & Menstrual Super Powers


Menstrual Phase


Is characterized by low estrogen and progesterone levels create a sense of calm and clarity. You feel more inward; take time to be alone.

menstrual super powers- heightened intuition

how to use it- set intentions for your cycle (or month) and reflect on what is true for you at this time in your life.


Follicular Phase


Estrogen increases, and so does your energy.

menstrual super power- quick to learn

how to use it-  ride the wave of increasing energy and take action on your intentions that were set during your menstrual phase. Book that trip you want to go on, challenge yourself to learn something new, or start a creative project


Ovulatory Phase


The spike in testosterone and estrogen turn your sex drive on high. Your pheromones change and you’re magnetic and more attractive. You feel more outward and social.

menstrual super powers- magnetism

how to use it-  this is a great time for public speaking, first impressions, a first date or job interview. Take time to celebrate and manifest what you desire in your life.


Luteal Phase


Progesterone is your dominant hormone. There are actually two phases: The first week where progesterone is high and the second week where it is slightly lower.

menstrual super powers- creativity (week 1)

how to use it-  After ovulation you are best at creative tasks where you need to go inward like writing and painting.

menstrual super powers- administrative skills (week 2)

how to use it-  your brain becomes really good at tying up loose ends. This is a good time to clean the house cook meals. It’s similar to the ‘nesting phase’ women feel before giving birth.


…and then then the menstrual phase begins again.


menstrual super powers


Riding the waves of your cycle can bring goodness into your life and help you feel more connected to your body.


However, when this creative cyclical energy gets blocked in some way through trauma, shame around our bodies, or a disconnection from our bodies we can experiences symptoms related to our menstrual cycle such as more cramping, cysts and fibroids.


The symptoms of our cycles can be seen as dis-eases or as gifts that call us home to our bodies. We have the opportunity to dive deeper, our symptoms let us know something is there. I know some may see this process as new age but I think it is a very important tool.


Learning to live attuned to your cycle and working with your menstrual super powers when they are ‘in season’ will keep the energy flowing, which creates vibrant health in your body.



menstrual super powers