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 She Who Has 100 Husbands


Shatavari is an ayurvedic herb in the asparagus family. In this traditional medicinal system, it is regarded as a prime women’s health tonic. The word shatavari translates as she who has 100 husbands. This gives you an idea of the properties this fertility herb can impart!


In this article I’ll talk about why shatavari is so good for fertility. However, you should know that shatavari can be utilized in all stages of life: when you’re lactating, during teenage years, menopause, and when balancing your menstrual cycle. Check in with your doctor; you may be able to take shatavari during pregnancy.


Shatavari for Fertility


Shatavari has a number of properties that make it a fantastic herb for women’s hormone balance.


Calms You Down- Shatavari acts on the hypothalamus (the H in HPA axis) and helps decrease stress hormones. In this way,  shatavari is effective for stress-induced infertility. If you experience high levels of stress or cortisol, it will suppress your progesterone and thyroid gland. These are the most important hormones for conception and maintaining your pregnancy.


Soothes Mucous Membranes- Shatavari can help increase your vagina’s natural lubricant during sex. This herb can also help the many women who struggle to see fertile cervical fluid when they ovulate. The sperm require an abundance of healthy cervical fluid so that they can survive on their journey towards the egg. 


Supports Estrogen Levels- If you’re struggling to conceive because of endometriosis or PCOS, shatavari may be what you’re looking for. This herb contains steroidal saponins, a class of natural plant hormones that help to regulate the menstrual cycle.  This ensures ovulation occurs, and that it happens at the right moment in your cycle.


May Prevent Miscarriage- Saponin-rich shatavari has been shown to have an antioxytocin effec that may help unwanted uterine contractions subside. However, you must consult with your doctor before you take shatavari while pregnant.


shatavari for fertility


How to Use Shatavari


A dose of 4.5 to 8.5 mL or 1,000 to 2,000 mg of dried plant extract a day is typical. You can get powdered shatavari at specialty health food stores, or order it online. 


Shatavari is fat soluble.  This is why traditionally it’s prepared by decocting the herb in animal milk and mixing it with ghee and sugar. 


In my custom elixir recipe below, I’ve included herbs that synergize with the flavor of shatavari.


Hibiscus Powder- when mixed with shatavari can help to regulate the menstrual cycle. Leave it out if you are trying to conceive or if you think you might be pregnant.


Rose Hip Powder- another floral powder that’s high in Vitamin C, which helps support your progesterone production.


Ginger & Black Pepper- help increase the absorption and offsets the cooling properties of shatavari. In ayurvedic medicine, shatavari is used to calm pitta and vata energies. If you are more kapha, make sure to include these two ingredients.


The elixir will allow your body to absorb all the beneficial compounds contained in the herb. After enjoying a mug of the Shatavari Fertility elixir, I feel calm and present in my body.



Ultimately, you’ll need to take shatavari daily for at least 2 weeks to see an increase in your energy. It may take a couple menstrual cycles to see an affect on your PCOS symptoms.


In fact, this is why using an elixir is a delicious strategy to help you maintain that consistency. Swap your daily coffee or tea for the Shatavari Fertility Elixir for 2 weeks and notice the results!

Attention: women who want natural relief from period pain