Many women suffer from severe cramping and pain during their monthly cycle. Period cramps can be awful to experience and straight-up debilitating for some women. They can be so severe that they stop you from doing the things you love or simply functioning during the day. Luckily, many herbs support the body with intense cramping, pain, and heavy menstrual bleeding. Today I’m going to share more about my favorite herbs for menstrual cramping and teach you how to make the best tea for tea period cramps. 

If you experience severe pain, you aren’t alone. Unfortunately, many women think that this is normal. Although severe cramping is very common, it is not normal. When the body and hormones are balanced, a period should feel lighter and free of severe pain. I’ve found herbal teas to be effective in reducing period cramps and achieving pain-free periods. 

My Favorite Herbs For Period Cramps

1. Red Raspberry Leaf For Period Cramps


Red raspberry leaf is a wonder plant for your period and uterus and is the star herb in the best tea for period cramps. Red raspberry leaf is safe to use before, during, and after your period, and even during pregnancy. In addition, red raspberry is a powerful uterine tonic that helps to tone the tissues within the area of the uterus and the pelvis. 

The leaf contains tannins, antioxidants, and chemical compounds that target the uterus, helping tone, strengthen, and prepare the organ for bleeding and even into birth. In addition, chemical compounds within red raspberry leaf known as polyphenols help bring the inflammation down within the body. 

Overall red raspberry leaf is a nourishing herb that can help lessen the severity of cramping during your period. 

2. Nettle Leaf For Period Cramps


Nettle is a diverse and deeply nutritious plant full of vitamins, minerals, and useful compounds. Nettle is a uterine tonic that can strengthen the adrenal glands. In addition, nettle acts as a diuretic, supports the kidneys, and cleanses the body of metabolic waste, helping the body feel lighter.

Nettle also supports the liver, allowing the body to cleanse and process excess estrogen more efficiently, leading to healthier menstruation. 

Because of nettles’ diuretic abilities, it may help to reduce the feeling of bloating and heaviness due to excess water retention. In addition, nettle is an excellent blood builder due to its rich mineral content, including iron. During your period, iron is lost through blood, leading to fatigue and weakness, making nettle a great herb to replenish and nourish our bodies.

3. Rose Buds For Period Cramps


Rose is a very feminine herb that is beautiful to look at, smells divine, and lifts the spirit. Rose is very soothing to the tissues in the body. Rose is anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving, astringent, and full of antioxidants. 

Rose has been used for centuries and is very safe to use. Rose petals contain many phytonutrients and Vitamin C that helps to protect and nourish the body. Rose is useful for heavy cramping, bloating, and mood swings. Rose is a great addition to support the body and healthy menstruation. 

4. Ginger For Period Cramps


Ginger is a well-known, potent herb with lots of flavor and aroma. Ginger is very safe and effective at supporting the body through heavy cramping, inflammation, and pain. 

Ginger is warming and useful for soothing nausea and upset stomach or discomfort during serious PMS symptoms. In addition, because ginger is warming, it helps to stimulate blood flow and lessen inflammation throughout the body.

 Ginger is a spasmolytic herb that aims to reduce the spasming of smooth muscles, making it very helpful in reducing cramping during your period. And lastly, we have cinnamon! 


5. Cinnamon Tea For Period Cramps


Cinnamon is a warming and delicious spice! Cinnamon is helpful for period cramping because it contains compounds that have antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory effects. In addition, cinnamon is high in antioxidants and effectively soothes an upset stomach, making it another great addition to herbal teas for cramp relief. 


Where to buy the herbs?


I like using herbs in their loose-leaf form from Mountain Rose Herbs because they are high quality, organically grown, and customizable. Let’s dig into the benefits of each herb that can provide support and pain relief during your period starting.


Mason Jar Method



I like to brew the tea in a glass mason jar because sealing the jar when you steep the herb will help increase the nutrition and herbal properties of the tea.



Tea For Period Cramps Recipe:



Making a tea full of nutrient-dense herbs that can support the body, tone the tissues, and support inflammation can make drastic and helpful changes within the body to experience a lighter flow, happier mood, less cramping, and more ease during your period.



For best results, start drinking 1-2 cups of this tea 2 days before and during your period. If you can’t predict your period, you can still make this tea when your flow arrives. 



1 cinnamon stick

¼ cup raspberry leaf

¼ cup nettle leaf

2 Tbsp rosebuds

1 inch of fresh ginger

1 Liter jar

Boiling water


Pour boiling water over the herbs in a 1-liter mason jar. Seal with the lid and steep for 20 minutes to 1 hour.

Strain and drink before, during, or after your period.

Botanical medicine can help the body return to balance and experience much less pain during your period. When the body is not in balance hormonally, our period can feel heavy, painful, and full of discomfort. 

To learn more natural tips on reducing period cramping download our free period pain relief guide here.