Hibiscus tea, also known as ‘nature’s Botox’, is irresistible when iced! Right now I have a mason jar on hand in my fridge, it’s a summertime staple.


So how does hibiscus tea achieve effects similar to Botox? The flower is naturally high in both antioxidants and alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs). Both compounds help to improve the youthful appearance of the skin.


The hibiscus flower’s astringent nature also helps tighten the skin. You can get the benefits from using it in skincare products and also consuming it internally.


Benefits of Hibiscus Tea


Actually, hibiscus has other hormone balancing benefits! The flower is blood building and high in Vitamin C which helps support natural iron and progesterone levels.


Hibiscus also lowers blood pressure and supports heart health (if you have low blood pressure it’s not recommended).


Are you Eating For Your Cycle? I recommend women drink warm hibiscus tea during their moontime (period). It’s a great time to harness the blood building properties of this herb! Women who have symptoms of anemia, low progesterone, immune issues or high blood pressure can also benefit from drinking the tea daily.


That being said, hibiscus tea can be enjoyed by anyone at any time! It’s a healthy summertime tonic that the whole family can enjoy.


Here’s how to make deliciously hydrating cold brewed hibiscus tea:


2 handfuls dried hibiscus flowers

2 litres spring water


That’s it!

You don’t need to heat the water to make hibiscus tea! It makes a fantastic cold brew.


Add the flowers to the water and allow to sit for 10-20 minutes.


Strain and discard the flowers. Store in a mason jar in the fridge to sip throughout your day.


hibiscus tea


Take your hibiscus tea to the next level… make it into a lemonade-style punch!


Hibiscus Rose Punch


2 litres hibiscus tea
1 Tbsp rose hydrosol or water, food grade
2 organic lemons, juiced
to taste clear agave nectar, liquid stevia or honey
a pinch of sea salt


Mix all of the ingredients well and store in the fridge. Or serve right away over ice!


If you’re curious about hormone balancing teas, we have a whole module on crafting custom hormone balancing teas at home.

Learn more about our signature online course, Elixir Crafting for Women’s Hormone Balance. 


Attention: women who want natural relief from period pain