I want to show you my-go to tea. I recommend to my clients with heavy menstrual bleeding, period pain and PMS symptoms.  

Although heavy periods are very common for many menstruating people, it is a sign of hormonal imbalance within the body. It can be supported and brought back to a place of ease with the help of botanical medicine. 

With consistent and dedicated use of simple menstrual phase recipes, it may finally lead to desired menstrual relief.

What herbs can I make into tea to help with my painful period? 

An excellent question to pose as, thankfully, there is a selection of soothing, toning, and supportive herbs before and during your period to ease painful symptoms. We’ve created a simple, easy, and delicious recipe that helps reduce painful symptoms with PMS. The herbs we have included in the recipes are lady’s mantle, red raspberry leaf, ginger, and rose. The herbs used in the tea recipe for heavy periods work by toning tissues, increasing blood circulation, and soothing inflammation. So let’s dive in and discover each herb’s wonderful properties and benefits used in the tea recipes for a heavy period. 

Lady’s Mantle 

Lady’s Mantle is a potent herb used within many stages of the female reproductive phases. Lady’s Mantle is very effective for regulating menstruation by stimulating progesterone production. Imbalanced levels of progesterone can lead to irregular menstruation and less fertility. 

Lady’s Mantle is rich in tannins and astringent in nature, aiding in excessive bleeding and increased flow. Lady’s Mantle is a uterine tonic working to tone the uterus tissues with the help of compounds like salicylic acid and quercetin, which help with pain and inflammation.

Red Raspberry Leaf

 Red Raspberry leaf is another great herb to have nearby for a painful period. Red Raspberry leaf also works to tone and tighten the tissues of the uterus and pelvic area, which may help reduce symptoms of cramping and spasms of these specific muscles. In addition, the red Raspberry leaf is full of nutrients, antioxidants, and tannins that support the female organs, oxidative stress, and inflammation.

Rose Buds

 Rose is aromatic, gentle, soothing, and great for inflammation. In addition, rose is astringent and works by improving circulation, providing antioxidants, and aiding in menstrual cramps. Rose is also soothing on the nerves and can boost your mood while experiencing heavy PMS.

Ginger Root

Ginger works to increase blood flow and provide support for pain and inflammation. Ginger is delicious, comforting, supportive of digestion, and is high in antioxidants. A common theme for a painful period is an excess of inflammation in the body, and so we’ve emphasized the importance of consuming herbs that can ease inflamed tissues and pain in the body. 

Heavy Flow Tea Recipe

`1 Tbsp Red Raspberry Leaf

1 Tbsp Lady’s Mantle

2-inch piece ginger root, chopped

2 tsp rosebuds

500 ml boiling water

In a 500 ml mason jar or regular teapot steep the herbs in the tea for 10-20 minutes. Strain and enjoy with honey.



With the use of this simple tea recipe, it may support, soothe and tone the tissues of your reproductive organs to guide your body back to balance to experience less pain, less inflammation, and a lighter flow during your period. 

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